Monday, November 16, 2015

WARNING: Do not ever eat food at Mark Zuckerberg's


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In doing a search for photos concerning Mark Zuckerberg, I happened upon a few photos of his kitchen, which of course looks larger than a dozen homes, and has more food in it, than the 94 million Americans out of jobs in the Obama Super Depression.

The first photo is the one revealing how ivory towers Mark Zuckerberg and his purchased China minder wife are.


The second one though is more disturbing as it was taken to reveal how quaint the Zuckerberg's are in an "AWWWWWW" moment of there is the China bun oven, with their poodle as she probably monitors Facebook price spikes from Obama money dumps or is off stalking people who are exposing what frauds the Zuckerbergs are.


If you did not get it......the first photo shows PEOPLE FOOD on the counter. The second photo shows where dog ass is wiping across that counter, with only satan knows what in dog biscuits or the China womb nibbling on the same dog spit crackers she is ingesting.

I mean how fricking 3rd world low life is this? A food to prepare food for humans, and there is dog ass and dog slobber all over it!!! The Health Department shut down Chinese restaurants for all the rat shit in them in how unclean they are, and the same animal feces is on that dogs lick asses and dogs rub their asses all over things they sit on.
There is flea pesticide on that pooch and again only satan knows what Zuckerberg is spraying on his mountain enclave, and this is all ending up on that dog feet step in dog shit, ebola germs and again, only satan knows what.

So the warning is, do not ever eat a thing if you end up at the Zuckerbergs. The amusement is all of those geektards who work for Zuckerberg, the family and the richtards who get invited over to Zuckerberg's enclave have all had dog ass hors'douvers and dog shit tofu.
You know the China womb, does not wash her hands when she is nibbling doggie treats, so she is not going to wash her hands when you are over there feeding you after picking her or the dog's butt.

That is the creepiest knowledge of the associates of creeper Zuckerberg who have that lingering phobia now of having dog ass on their tongues.

Mark Zuckerberg, "Hey how about having a cookie the China womb cooked up on the dog ass counter as poochie poodle licked on them, and as I was rubbing on the China womb whose hands had been scratching her vulva".

Employee, "Thanks boss, yum yum.......what is that salty ass flavor in the frosting????"

So there are rewards in this for all who have been abused by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Little rodents filled with disease and worms, get sniffed and eaten by poochie poodle on walks, and end up with worm eggs in the suchi and you shitting them out later, wondering how on earth you got a 40 foot long tapeworm.

Not very kosher, but then Mark Zuckerberg is not known for anything Jewish in being responsible.

The Zuckerberg's invite you to a dinner party.........

Bring your anti worm pills and prepare to brush twice as Crest's minty flavor does not wash off with dog ass on your tongue.