Friday, November 13, 2015

weapons grade



The fuel for a nuclear bomb is in the hands of an unknown black marketeer from Russia, U.S. officials say

4889 pounds of weapons grade material has been removed from government facilities. 311 pounds in civilian hands, the remainder was KGB liberated.
4 individuals have the 311 pounds.
Effectively a group of 4 KGB agents control the surplus and are running these operations. Let us just term this as diversions to divert western resources to jerk their chain for the intended purposes of this group.

74 pounds of plutonium was removed from government facilities with KGB links.

This does not include the nuclear warheads which were sold to Iranian communists.

Do not worry though as Americans have 4522 pounds of missing weapon's grade material on soil yet. Let us just term this a wealthy Jewish group, the same one which handed over material for the Jewish bomb.....and is keeping this in store just in case someone else might need to be a nuclear front for this group's agenda.

That is what inquiry points to.