Friday, November 13, 2015

So many absolutes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

An European Airbus never crashes on it's own in being a dangerous design, it is always a crazy German pilot or a bomb. That way Airbus stocks are not going to fall and sales keep putting these death jets in the sky.

- Lame Cherry

I was listening to two very intelligent guests on the Jeff Rense program since the Russian Airbus crashed in Sinai, and the first from Veteran's Affairs stated he had a digital of it, and it was ISIS filming it........and a bomb was on the plane.

Another was a brilliant mind from California who swore he knew all, in it was an Israeli air to air missile, without vapor trail which brought down this Russian Airbus.

Shawny sent this to me, in an article was fingering that duplicitous John McCain, who has been promoting his friendly terrorists in the Mideast and Ukraine, and it was his operation who was behind this downing of this Airbus.

It sort of makes my Day One Inquiry seem out of place in an old Airbus, which had structural fatigue broke apart in the wing tore off, and that was the big whoosh sound that everyone in western intelligence is saying is a bomb sound.

I stick by what I said, just like defending the non crazy German pilot blamed for that other Airbus crashing, because it is a dangerous jet.

You just have to think about what you are hearing from the Obama propaganda. When something happens in America, it is immediately cautioned that this is not a terror attack. Yet in this, it was image Obama and pig ejaculator Cameron of England, saying it was terrorism without any evidence.
It was the Russians and  Egyptians stating there was no evidence and to wait for the evidence.

We do know that Russia has been warned off for now and Egypt is being punished economically on tourism from this accident or an Airbus falling apart because it was old. Russia is not behaving in allowing ethnic cleansing of the Mideast and Egypt booted out Obama's communist who liked finger raping Laura Logan.

This simply was an accident too good to not exploit. It has not in the least prodded Russia to make a rash over reach and it has not endeared Egypt to the cartel. So while sending the message like rubber bullets off Gabby Giffords head to scare off Sarah Palin, it has not accomplished a great deal, except to make the cartel a more focused target of Russia and Egypt.