Saturday, November 7, 2015

What Lie Is It Today, Ben Carson


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Egyptian Pyramids were built by Joseph to store grain, even though they are mostly solid stones.

Only 7th Day Adventists are saved and you are going to hell.

Ben Carson has some odd views of the world, and when his "embellished" homeboy story of stabbing children, was was then Ben Carson fabricated story about being offered West Point for being so brilliant........has now today become a "story" which Ben Carson has been telling the world he won a test at Yale for being the most honest student at Yale in a class..........but Yale never had this class in Carson's time there.

In his 1990 autobiography, "Gifted Hands," Carson wrote that while he was at Yale, he took an exam for a psychology course titled "Perceptions 301," only to be told by the professor days after that the exams were "inadvertently burned." The class gathered to take the repeat exam, but after a half hour, Carson says all of the students except him had left the room.
"Like the others, I was tempted to walk out, but I had read the notice, and I couldn’t lie and say I hadn't. All the time I wrote my answers, I prayed for God to help me figure out what to put down. I paid no more attention to departing footsteps," Carson wrote in "Gifted Hands." 

Carson's professor subsequently entered with a photographer from the Yale Daily News and explained that it was a hoax, designed to find out "the most honest student in the class," Carson wrote. Carson said he then received a $10 bill as a reward.
The Wall Street Journal, however, challenged Carson's story, claiming that, according to Yale Daily News archives from that era, no photo identifying Mr. Carson was ever printed. "No stories in the Yale Daily News mention a course named Perceptions 301 either," the Wall Street Journal reported. Yale librarian Claryn Spies told the Journal no such course existed during Carson's time at Yale.

Ben Carson is a pathological liar. The only thing this washed up surgeon is gifted in now, is not hands, but in lies, and he is not that good of a liar, as all of his stories are so outlandish, and tin foil hat, that it makes one wonder why any hospital administrator ever let this guy anywhere near people with sharp objects.

I am starting to wonder if like Birther Hussein Obama, if Carson had someone print up his doctor's license and there is a smiley face hidden in the signature there too.

I wonder how we have gotten to the point of once having scripted blacks like Martin King held up as role models, to a 21st century world where the fraud of Obama is the face of blacks, as much as Bill Cosby in being a serial rapist, and now Ben Carson is making Bill and Hillary Clinton look like Truth Tellers.

What lie will manifest with Ben Carson tomorrow? I half expect it to be something about providing the Holy Ghost the sperm which created Jesus.