Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ben Carson Polling Fraud

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems that Ben Carson should change his name to Tard Cartard, as this godlike self production is in no time ready to play with the adults, as one of his Big Cain, Big Koch and Big Limbaugh try and prop this Carsonweight up, who is weak as water and lighter than air.

That is the problem with the intellectual. They always pack their brains full of facts, but are absolutely unaware of the real intelligence which is required to function in life, as Christ said to be wise to the ways of the world.

Ben Carson's polls are fraud. I have proven that, and the latest out of North Carolina showing him with a 15 point lead is pure bullshit. I will inform you how it was accomplished, as these little piss ant reporters who are forced to turn out this propaganda, always have to confess their sins, as lying does bother these liberals when it is their reputation on the line.

Carson's numbers were polled as GOP voters and the caveat slipped in as "likely GOP voters".
Well who in the hell is a likely GOP voter? Why that would be a TransNegroid Obama voter. Let me explain how this works in this bogus commissioned poll.

So you have the real GOP vote which has like Donald Trump at 75% in super majority. So the Carson frauds expand the sample, based on Facebook tracking of blackness. So you get the GOP voters who are Republicans, and then you infuse that with liberal Obama democrat voters, who are likey to vote GOP in order to cast another racial vote for a black man. That is how you get a 15 point spike for Carson, as what the polling sample really is, is Carson Afroids making up 50% of the polling sample in blacks, and 50% of GOP voters. You mix that group together and you get Carson "ahead in the polls".
It would be the same if the pollsters used Nielsen ratings in who watched The Apprentice.

No one is pointing any of this out. I would believe that Mr. Trump is wise to what is going on, and realizes his immense lead, and prefers to not waste money in the primary run up, and has factored in, it is a more astute position to be in, to not have people smearing him daily, as Rubio, Cruz, Carson and Bush are instead the bad press targets.

So you can add another poll to the Fraud of Ben Carson.

I will compliment old man HW Bush on his latest Jebcaver operation against Ben Carson as it was sweet. Jeb has proven he is a complete moron at everything from midget sex to politics. What was enacted against Ben Carson though in this combined Clinton Bush operation was vintage.

Review this with me  as no one else will point this out.

First the left called Carson a liar over his fictional childhood on the Slasher Streets.

Carson went ballistic over that calling CNN a liar, and backing himself into a corner of you can not disprove a non existant, and only are left with being a liar or breaking your word in outing people.

As this was going nuclear, in came half brain Rush Limbaugh going nuts on Friday, in reading a script defending Carson..........

and as old man Bush had Carson's nuts in his hands ready to be cut off, here came the coup de grace, in Ben Carson was called a liar again, this time over a bogus account of a West Point which Carson this time had to admit he was a liar.

That my children is how you run a Nixonian operation that is sweet as sweet can be. You lure the moron out by attacking his persona, hit him again to get him emotional and talking, and when you have him out there on a limb, you give him the saw and he cuts the tree down and smashes on his own weight.

That is why Ben Carson does not belong in the White House, because he is so vacuous in being propped up by Big Cain and Big Koch, that Vladimir Putin, Ayatollah Khemeini, Kim Jong Un, Angela Merkel and Nancy Pelosi would rip his administration to shreds in a week. America has immense lethal damage done to it by Obama's regime of change, and Ben Carson has proven he can be suckered into anything and destroy himself in the process.

As stated, I commend the sweet intelligence operation against Ben Carson, using his own ego and lies against himself. It is pleasant to see a coordinated Clinton Bush operation actually run so smoothly that no one noticed......except the Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter.
Their previous attempts have fallen flat, because Donald Trump is too clever to be baited, and he goes in fighting and comes out on top. To the whiners who have problems with Mr. Trump's brashness, you had better grow the hell up, as that is what it is going to take......and it has been proven what shit for brains you are in backing Carson and these other morons, as they keep getting pole axe punched, where Donald Trump slips the punches and instead delivers his knockdowns.

Now my children and my brats, we turn this around to our benefit and I will tell you how in the talking points in explaining this, as you missed it in what I was accomplishing yesterday.

OK, we know it was the GOP elite, that means HW Bush for Jeb and the rest of the elite who want Rubio, who joined with Hillary Clinton's campaign to politically castrate a black man in Ben Carson........

Let that sink in as blacks are paying attention to this. Hillary Clinton, Jeb and HW Bush and Marco Rubio just cut the balls off an American black, by setting him up on his own stupid. Once blacks figure that out, along with Carson voters, as Ben Carson is on the way out, they will be alienated from Mrs. Clinton and Bush & Rubio.

They will need a home to vote to, and that is where the innocent Donald Trump who has suffered the same assaults would have appeal in the primary and the general election.

You must get this. We allow the elite to knock off their inner competitors of each other, and we then expose it all, which educates the voters and makes them furious as they do not like this stuff. We then find a way in innocense to appeal to those voters, so they do not get stabbed in the back again in some Cruz minding or Sanders brainwashing.

We should take hear in this, that the Ben Carson fraud is exposing a number of very unintelligent operations and exposing the weaknesses of Carson, Jeb, Hillary and Cruz. You should not lose the reality though that Carson in black voters was starting to pull a majority of votes from Mrs. Clinton......that means her base is fractured and she will not win the general election.......HW went after Carson with the GOP elite, as Carson had too large of share of the Balkanized pie, and they had to get it back from Carson, because Donald Trump has too big of lead to overcome.

Ben Carson's real numbers are like Obama unemployment numbers being reported. Large on paper and short on jobs reality. Ben Carson is a fraud, and he simply is not up to this election process, nor are his handlers, as his low voltage minds beams arrogant intellectualism when he shows only as a dim bulb.

The beauty of the Carson operation is, it is still following up, as the British Press was reporting the ludicrous story which was reported here, in Carson thinking the solid rock pyramids of Egypt were built as grain storage chambers by Joseph in the Biblical account. Ben Carson is now the bookend to the Jeb Bush court fool. That is the reality.

Now you are aware and understand the story from the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Oh and do not miss that it was the minders who inherited Andrew Breitbart's site, who have been backing CFR globalist Ted Cruz, and who have been pushing the fraudulent polling stories trying to boost Carson, so Trump fails, and their Tedling will inherit all of your political corpses as he blurted out on radio.
Do not trust these people as they are minders seeking to lead you to your genocide. That is what Judas Goat does not show you it is a lion until the gulag gate is closed.

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