Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Tavistock Education

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I use terms a great deal of the time which cause people to wonder sometimes about those terms like Tavistock.

Tavistock is a real place. It is in London, and is correctly called the Tavistock Institute.

It was formed in 1921 to study shell shock in British Soldiers from World War I and managed by Sir John Rawlings Reese, on the property of the Duke of Bedford, the Marquis of Tavistock. Reese managed the Army's Psychological Warfare branch.

The human behavior protocols which Tavistock built it's work upon, are based in Sigmund Freud's work, while he lived in London at Maresfield Gardens.
The Institute a decade later had developed advanced protocols in mass brainwashing techniques. With the full support of the power elite, Tavistock's tendrils were involved in British and American education, with the American branch at Stanford Research Institute, connected to the biggest names of Rand, International Studies of Georgetown (Jesuits)  etc...

German Kurt Lewin, came to Tavistock in 1932 and by 1933, had arrived in America, where he established at Harvard the Psychology Clinic, whose main purpose was to condition Americans to go to war against Germany in World War II. The success was not complete, and FDR found it necessary to pressure Japan to attack America, as the German National Socialists were not about to start another war which they did not want.

Tavistock does have protocols, and they are quite simple and you have probably read of them in Zionist or Marxist doctrines in how to break down societies through abandonment of religious foundations, and replacing them with perversion.
The Counter Culture Revolution was a programme of Tavistock. To put it bluntly, do you really think that Big Band became the rock beat, of a bunch of moronic Beatles who were children, as something that just happened?
The success of musical morons and their craft was all developed for them, as is evidence by the absolute garbage which is produced by the mindwarped children of the 21st century. There is nothing musical about modern music and it is not designed to be musical. What it is, is BEAT. It is a fast beat that is meant to condition people like a war drum.

TL and I disagree about music and as an example you should listen to THE BOYS OF SUMMER, by Don Henley in it's original form, compared to the one beat faster by the    Ataris. If you can not come by that, listen to the 2015 version of Hawaii Five O on CBS, compared to the 1970 version starring Jack Lord in the opening music. All of this sound now is at least one to two beats faster than it should be, and that pulse is designed with the same effect of someone socking you in the head that fast. It is meant to stun the mind and reasoning, so that you are reacting like a fighter knocked out on their feet.
It is that zombie people which are deliberately being produced.

It is not just education propaganda, porn or music, but there are narcotics involved in this to hyper charge people.

Tavistock in America, controls over 6 billion dollars per year in funding from the US regime and foundations like Ford, which was telling all these Mexicans to invade America. None of this just happens, it is by design, and it is the feudal few, who have been changing societies into an animalistic race to control the mob easily.

The original information of all of this came from Britisher, Dr. John Coleman, who is the basis for most of what you are reading on the internet in things people are making profit off of. He exposed the Committee of 300 to all of the inner workings of this psychological operation. It is part of the order of the new world order. When George Orwell wrote of Big Brother, it was insider information, and if you notice the entire civilization of the world, mimics or has already been taken beyond 1984 in the psychological rape which individuals have been assaulted by. Literally all the things which the protectors of society in religion, have been vanquished for a new order of Obama which they believe in. It is part of the control apparatus. Pleasure morons, and tell them they are free and have their guns, and you can do anything you please to them, to turn them into imbeciles to be exterminated.

The  things you allow your children to be exposed to now, are the things which your grandparents would have had a willing judge and police force throw you into prison for life in being a degenerate. That is how far society has been degraded, and what they have done to society today, is what they did to individuals in studies 40 years ago.
I remind you how Bill Ayers was having Jewish girls raped by black males, as a personal study to settle his curiosity.

That is enough of a refresher on Tavistock, a protocol and programme which produce the mind of Birther Hussein Obama. The image Obama's ideologue insanity, which all of your EQUALZ sodomites react to, is nothing but a flat world response, of needing more of something which is not working, because they have been conditioned that the only response is the leftist answer, even when it is proven it will never work.

There are numbers of websites dealing with all of this, if one just enters Dr. John Coleman or Tavistock Institute in a search engine.

Ejaculating in Pig's Mouths for an introduction to Lame Cherry. That should give anyone the proper brain introduction to all of this cure for Tavistock.
Pleased you are on the mend Viking.