Wednesday, December 2, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What does shooting cripples and retards teach the world of America?

Something of course none of you realize as you gnaw upon your bones.

So we witness realities like 3 armed males, firing over 40 rounds at liberal cowards, cripples and retards, at point blank range..........only KIA 14 and WIA 17.
Russia and China, noting this, along with the piles of ammo American military types expend in war, realize that in 2 weeks, America could be invaded and subdued as Americans are extremely wasteful of ammunition and can not hit anything.

We know that when it is not some Obamachurian sent in with a police minder, the police have difficulty in finding criminals, but do happen to look up from their donuts long enough to engage in a running gun battle "apparently" killing 2 out of 3 shooters.

We learn that shooters learning from Obama press releases, learned to bring bogus IED's to distract police, and to flee the scene on  a time limit, but were not intelligent to produce counter measures of secondary escape vehicles or to change into civilian clothing to vanish into the mob.

We learned that Muslims of Obama ISIS gladly rejoice in shooters with hashtags, but while no one in America is willing to term these shooters Muslims, the Muslims do and celebrate them.

We learn that image Obama uses Turks to murder Russians.......we learn that the Obama regime was arming and protecting Muslim Marxist Mafia in ISIS. We learn that Obama's forces could not take out any nations nor hold the territories.
That leaves an education for Eurasians that Americans are incapable and should be neutralized with extreme prejudice.

I provide a glimpse of the reality of what others see as you Americans politic and fight over your demise, as others plot it.

Two suspects in custody, possibly another at large, after police shootout that injured officer

At least one suspect is down and there may be another at large after a police pursuit and shootout, said San Bernardino Sheriff spokeswoman Sgt. Vicki Cervantes.
It remains unclear whether the incident was related to the earlier shooting at the Inland Regional Center.

Yes hours later and still no confirmation or if the police were so hyped up, they blasted to hell someone else......except they did blast the hell out of a neighborhood of innocent Americans.

No arrests for that though, and no reports if any blacks were harmed in these events, as Black Lives Matter.