Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sayeed Farook

the flute charmer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you wondered what box the magik Obama was going to pop out of, after the San Bernadino mass you probably know, when the FBI was not willing to speak about the shooters........

When the identity was censored for hours, because it all sounded Muslim, looked Muslim, acted Muslim and was Muslim.

This is Obama ISIS, and if you happen to hashtag remember, the ISIS pages were taking credit for their three lions who did this. In other words, the story no one is reporting is that ISIS knew this attack was coming, meaning that Sayed Farouk was in direct contact with Obama's main terror group, which Obama had been funding and training.

Odd is it not, considering all the NSA surveillance of Americans, that for some reason another devout Muslim, buying weapons and body armour, somehow having ISIS congratulating him and his accomplaces........just was never picked up in image Obama's NSA.

Odd how it was one of the people at the party.......again just a digression here, but Jerry Brown's California sounds like a place to work, because you get parties during the day when regime employees never have to work.
I digress.......not digressing as it was someone inside who recognized the voice.......meaning this Muslim was heavy on the accent of this 3rd world origins, and this is how the police ended up tracking to Redlands California and coming across the black SUV.

This Obama regime is clamping this scorched earth story down tighter than Michelle's big ass in a size 10 granny panty. You will notice that "bring em in Brown", who has been one of the invader promoters is shutting this down hard too. No one in law enforcement has been allowed to expound on any of this............the only reason we know anything about this, is the cops messed up and spoke the Muslim's name over the radio and the media picked it up.

This is more Islamic terrorism. This makes EVERYTHING Donald Trump has been telling everyone and being attacked in the Obama puppy press over the 9 11 Muslim cheering, is his vindication.

Islam is not a religion. It is a psychopathy which lures in psychotics with delusions and enables them to act out violently. Islam needs to be shut down in America, along with all of these mosques.......and all of these Islamists deported, along with the Chicom communists, Latin invaders and satan knows what.
The lingering words of Mark Dayton telling White Minnesotans to get out of that State for Obama's imported Muslims now are even more troubling as there are hundreds of thousands of these devout terrorists of Islam all across America and Europe.

What you can be assured of now, is that you have learned the last factual information in this. The Obama and Brown regimes have been busy with the media covering all of this up, and constructing a propaganda story, to spin this away.

There are numbers of these Islamic Farook's around, but one was heavily involved in demanding that Muslim banking follow strict Sharia Law.

In this regard, Syed Farook (2007) accuses Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOFI) for not mandating Islamic banks and financial institutions to show their compliance with Islamic principles. As a result, there is an increasing divergence between theory and practice in Islamic finance

The point of this is that every Syed Farook is Islam, is menacingly devoted to it, just like all Muslims are, because if they show one bit of not being fanatics they face retribution.

This Farook was a Saudi traveler as of last year. Someone named Syed Farook was busy promoting Islam on Blogger, but fell silent in 2011.

You have to pay attention closely to what law enforcement is saying as after admitting Farook was American, they left the distinct impression the other dead shooter was not American, by the way it was phrased.
The woman or black widow involved in this, is the one being covered up by the Obama regime. She is dead, and she is being protected, while the other Muslim who ran away was Farook's brother, according to the reports.
The black widow who appears to be by what the police are saying was the foreigner.

We shall see but inquiry is pointing to this  female is the catalyst in this group. She was having sex with Syed Farook and is the one who set off these Muslim men. The Obama regime imported her and they knew of her, but were not watching her.

The way inquiry is pointing to this, this female Muslim terrorists is the story. As I stated, the cover up is being engaged in, and I doubt we will ever know the story, as this is an indictment of Obama policy and the criminal acts of this Muslim group lays directly on the bloody hands of the image of Obama, like the hundreds of thousands of others who have been slaughtered by this illegitimate regime.

I can think of nothing more I care to write on this story in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.