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I actually gave Governor Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota the opportunity to respond to this story from the Jamestown Sun, as much as the head of Lutheran Refugee Services, and for criminal reasons of treason against America, neither group dared to respond to the requests for information on this Islamic Invasion they are a part of in America's doom.

North Dakota
The Jamestown Sun of Jamestown, North Dakota, reported recently that the Midwestern state is expecting about 400 new refugees to arrive from the Middle East this year.
Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota and its “community partners,” which include schools, medical facilities, law enforcement, county and volunteer agencies and churches, are anticipating a shift in the ongoing resettling of refugees there.
The state is expecting a slowing of the influx of Hindus from Bhutan and an increase in the number of Muslims coming from the Middle East, reported Ann Corcoran in her Refugee Resettlement Watch blog.
The Lutheran agency has recently resettled a number of people from Afghanistan, and is planning for refugees in the coming months from Syria and Iraq, who are escaping the brutality of the Islamic State, also called ISIS, and civil war in Syria, the Sun reported.
Laetitia Mizero, program director and state refugee coordinator at Lutheran Social Services, said 260 refugees will settle in the Fargo area, about 95 in Grand Forks and 45 in Bismarck.
Once a city gets a refugee “seed community” started, it tends to grow, Corcoran said. That’s because the resettlement agency, the Lutherans in this case, then gets paid by the government to resettle the family members of the initial refugees.

What is of interest in this, is this is supposed to be Red White and Blue Republican America in North Dakota, and what is the reality, but now we see that with funding going to the "Lutheran" GOP from Lutheran Social Services dumping in millions from "refugees" or Muslim Invaders which the Bush43 group started money dumping into charities, we see that the worst human traffick in the world, is being funded by Americans whose institutions and government have been hijacked by this global order for the genocide of America.

If you notice in this, the Governor of North Dakota was importing Afghani's, and told everyone in North Dakota that "no Syrians" were coming into LSS. What this appears like is a reality, of LSS already had imported and dumped Syrian terrorists into North Dakota in their "quota", but when the publicity started to break, LSS reported a "fact" that they were not importing terrorists........because they had already imported them, and that is what the Governor of North Dakota reported in this cover up.

This becomes a more nefarious conspiracy, because you might recall how the Jews have been vehement in denouncing Donald Trump for his demanding a ban on imported  terrorists until the situation can be assessed. Look at the list of contractors who are engaged in profiting off of dumping terrorists, Muslims, into Christian America.
Yes Hebrew immigrant society is behind this, as much as the Jesuits, Ethopian Muslims and the communists......with the good olde merry English Episcopal Migration ........yes they call this migration AND DO NOT OVERLOOK THAT TITLE, as this is not "IMMIGRATION" of peoples resettling to become French to Americans, but this MIGRATION, as in an entire population deposing the native peoples in America and becoming part of the Islamic Caliph.
The nine contractors that lobbied for more Syrian refugees are:
Church World Service (CWS)
• Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC)
• Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM)
• Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
• International Rescue Committee (IRC)
• U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI)
• Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)
• U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
• World Relief Corp. (WR)

WND has documented in previous stories that more than 90 percent of the money used by Lutheran Social Services, the Catholic Bishops and other religious charities for their refugee resettlement work comes from government grants.

You have noticed that after the huge backlash, that all of this story has faded, and the terror invasion goes on of America. What no one is focusing on is how these traitors have now run for cover and the proof of their silence upon inquiries proves their absolute guilt, and you will notice that none of the "right wing media" of North Dakota has followed up on this story demanding why their GOP leadership has been importing terrorists and profiting off of it.

This is taking place in every one of your communities. It permeates from top to bottom. This is a trade in people literally, and the establishment in every one of your communities is involved in implementing this. They know damn sick if they verified any of this, the people would rise up and lynch them. It is why the stone cold silence appears every time you ask about this.

Before all of this blew up, little North Dakota took in 400 "new" invaders. That means there were old invaders. Those numbers mean that in 50 states that is at least 20,000 Islamic terrorists from the Mideast in one year alone, and it matches pretty close to the hinted at 200,000 terrorists from the Obama years in these "refugees" and that does not include Bill Gates green card tens of millions.

Just reminding you what no one else will expose or cover.

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