Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Villainy of Mark Zuckerberg

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The VILLAINY of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook knows absolutely no bounds, depths or craters to hell, as he has targeted one of the poorest nations on earth with thee worst nation rapist scheme engaged since Birther Obama looted 18 trillion dollars from the US economy for his cartel cronies.

DOMINATE: Zuckerberg's Internet.org cast as villain in India fight over Internet rules...

'False claims'...

'Digital apartheid'...

It all seems not that lethal when Mark Zuckerberg talks about free internet, but is there really anything in this world which is free? Is Welfare free when it robs from the rich and gives to the poor? Are organ donors giving away organs when hospitals charge people hundreds of thousands of dollars for them? Is a nation free when it is an Obama debt gulag?

You have to look at this plea by Mark Zuckerberg to the billion people of India in demanding free internet for those billion Hindus.

So they get free internet...........someone though has to put up the hardware, software, electricity and yes computers, as the reality is about 750 million Indians wipe their asses with grass each day, and their daily paddy is a regime hand out.

The poor can not pay for this, so the impoverished Indian people will have to pay for it, instead of food and ways to raise their people to a better standard of living.

But what is in it for Zuckeberg as it is not good will toward men from this Ashkenaz schemer for the NSA.

It is about market share. See Zuckerberg is sucking money and the life out of the internet in his Facebook scheme, of censorship, ad rate jacking, destroying other news sites, and yes inflating numbers of users with bogus ad hits, so he can inflate his faux power presence on the internet.
Zucktard is tapped out, and his scheme is to bloat Facebook with a billion more paddy eaters, and make site sponsors pay for these deadbeats......meaning Zuckerberg is going to charge like Amazon more money for ads, to people who will never buy a damn thing from Jeff Bezos, but Bezos can not shit money, so in the end it will be higher prices YOU IN AMERICA will have to pay for these Indians in their free internet.

That is all Zuckerberg is driving for in cold feudal capitalism. He is just squeezing the life blood out poor Asians and expecting Americans to subsidize Facebook to spy on them some more.

I am telling you people to get off of Facebook. Do not visit that damnedable site. If you want to talk so bad to people, get the old chat programs or get a blog to post things of yourself, which no one will read anyway, as that Facebook AI is raising hell all over the internet already, and now this international fiend named Mark Zuckerberg is raping India to death, in trying to bankrupt them for Facebook ad numbers which you Americans and Europeans are going to pay for. That is the realty, because as Bill Gates mocked Zuckerberg correctly a few months ago in, "What good is free internet to people who need food and medicine and have no computers?"
Yeah the computers come next too in your paying for them as Zuckerberg addicts those Asians to the net, and you will remember one poor Asian girl killed herself,  because her husband took the net away from her, as that is all she did is sit on that mind control Facebook and destroy herself.

Now you know what a heinous crimes against humanity terrorist Mark Zuckerberg is.......along with all his other crimes from getting sweetheart multi million dollar loans for his mountain mansion depriving poor people of those moneys for loans from banks to their homes.

Zuckerberg is as evil as George Soros and Warren Buffett. He belongs as they do before People's Courts like Nuremberg to seize all he stole and to find him guilty of crimes against humanity.

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