Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Beam Me Up Georgie Bush

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After Donald Trump told everyone that no one cares about this loser Jeb Bush, Jeb Bush made this statement that America needed more Muslims in it and then this:

"Obama has set the standards so high we can not fight ISIS"

- Jeb Bush

Seriously, this is a Beam Me Up Georgie Bush moment. What on earth are these high standards which Obama has set up, as image Obama has been funding ISIS, protecting ISIS and arming ISIS.

No wonder only that Mexican wife's 1500 brothers and sisters now in America are the only ones who voted for Jeb Bush winning this Trump Debate, as no one can figure out what the hell this braintard is nattering on about.

Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush are saying like all this Jebcaver traitors that we have to bring in more Muslims to solve this...........that is like telling someone on life support that if an elephant just sets on their chest they will get better!

Jeb Bush is insane and belongs under psychiatric care.

Right now under President Obama, we’ve created this — this standard that is so high that it’s impossible to be successful in fighting ISIS.