Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton Linguacidist

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I can not believe the LINGUACIDIST which Hillary Clinton is.

First she demands to make Americans out of foreigners inside of America, instead of allowing these free people their rights to set up Little Italy, Chinatown, Mini Muslim, Latinville all through America, like the Terrorlands now being established by the Obama regime.

Secondly, Mrs. Clinton now wants to FORCE THESE PEOPLE to learn English. She wants them in some Abu Gharib humiliation in making them give up their native tongues to speak English.
Who does this woman think she is, forcing people who are already another nationality and already speaking their language, to become a foreigner American, speaking the foreign language of English.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has absolutely no right to inflict upon these people, to mould them into some kind  of Americanized brainwashed zombie, all due to her prejudices and bigotry.

Hillary Clinton is a Linguacidist, a murderer of native tongues.

Mrs. Clinton must be made to apologize for this forcing of people to become Americans while being in America and then humiliating them in forcing them to speak English!