Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Birther Obama & Birtha Cruz on Gun Control

the Elmer Fuddbama of the Feudal Right

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Everything about  Ted Cruz is a fraud. He is an Obama photo op in the complete persona of the Birther or Birtha Cruz the Canadian squatter of Texas.

I desire to point things out to you, because most of you do not hunt or have any idea of gunnery. This is important, because like Bill Clinton holding that duck by the bill that someone shot for him, or Obama blasting off a shotgun to prove he could steal your guns from you and shoot you too, Ted Cruz is the same fraud.

The subject of this is the Iowa "pheasant hunt" which Peter King and Ted Cruz posed for pictures at. This was not a pheasant hunt in the least, but a canned hunt, because there could not be that many wild birds shot for profit, as nature does not produce enough birds to support the kind of barage that Cruz was posting with.
I have nothing against canned hunting, but I loathe frauds and Ted Cruz is a fraud.

You can tell this by the poses of Ted Cruz with his weapon, because this is not a hunting tool for him, but a dangerous weapon as he was caught pointing the muzzle head high at the people around other words if the gun went off, Ted Cruz would have decapitated someone.   

Then there is the Ted Cruz photo of his being terrified of a pheasant which flew into the air. That is classic in people who have never hunted these birds are startled by them.  

Then there is the Ted Cruz mitt hand over the trigger.......hard to shoot things carrying like this and it hurts like hell as the trigger guard cuts into your hand after a day of hunting.


Then again their is mitty hands Ted with his hand wrapped around the stock, not having the least idea, he is unprepared for any shooting. Again something a hunter would know, and proof again that Ted Cruz is a fraud.
At least though, Ted is not like his hunting buddy.........finger on the trigger, so when he is startled, he will blow Ted's head off.
Again, a real hunter seeing this of someone they were with would say something polite like, "You dumb fuck get your finger off that goddamned trigger or I am going to break it off!"


Those are the lessons of Ted Cruz in the fraud he is, a poser, a photo op, a scammer to hunters and gun owners, on his canned pheasant hunt, with all those expensive over and unders for the rich people to parade around with, posing for reporter photos and pretending they are Americans....and not just some more British gun grabbers.

Oh you forgot about that little fact eh? That is what Obama and Ted Cruz share. They were both LEGALLY British Subjects in both confirmed this in Obama said his being British expired, and Cruz said he could decide if he was British or not......Obama in Kenyan birth certfied old man, and Cruz in Canadian certified womb.

The Birther Obama and the Birtha Cruz.

Nuff said.