Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Note to Marilyn

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

The Viking wanted this to be passed along, with many heartfelt thanks to Marilyn, who due to her Kindness in Acting upon the Promptings of our Lord Jesus, has Helped him and others in giving this blog another reason to keep on keepin' on.  :)

Love the allusion to “groaning”; it’s actually shoulder shaking funny, but have meant to thank Marilyn
for her influence on you, way prior to The Lord’s leading me your way-where would all of us 11th hour workers (Matt. 20: 1-16) be without her intervention? God Bless you Especially Marilyn, and may you overcome that malevolent threat to Your Life, as God knows, it’s hard to imagine anything other than living in the paradise He has created for us here. You have done your part in helping to pass it on however, so be glad you have accomplished the monumental job The Lord gave to you. I personally want to thank you for helping to keep The Lame Cherry online, because I’m afraid I would have sunk into despair without such a Spiritual partner.
Thank you so much, Marilyn.

And Marilyn, I know there are others who would express this to you as well, including myself, for being one kind Voice of Truth in a world of spiteful mockery, slander, and lies.

You have Blessed our lives, and it means so much more to us than mere words can convey.

God Bless you in overflowing amounts in all possible ways.  God Heal and Renew you every day in His Word and God Keep you and your loved ones safe in all ways and times, in Jesus' Name Amen and Amen!