Thursday, December 17, 2015

Criminal Traitor Paul Ryan with the entire Regime

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not going to address a great deal of space on this, but if Trender Gerald Celente knows  that a deep recession is coming in 2016 bottoming out the double dip Obama Super Depression, it is murderous what Paul Ryan just did as Speaker of the House in this economic Debt Bomb he just detonated in the American Economy.

These are traitors to the American Republic, and it must be an issue for prosecution in a coming Donald Trump Presidency. These treacherous betrayers of America, in politics, judiciary, executive, media etc...  must all face a People's Court comprised of Americans who will hear the evidence in one day, try these cases and if found guilty, administer the sentence this genocide against America fits, according to the Nuremberg Trials.

I ask each of you to conclude something. This looks insane. All of this is criminal, and these people all act from image Obama to Paul Ryan as if they are either scopalamine drugged or something is out there that they know is coming.

They either know the elections have ceased.

They either know that this debt is not going to have to be paid as the Great Eurasian War will being.

They either know that Wormwood is going to strike so they are just pacifying the population until all are dead.

They either know that they can kill everyone of you and you can not resist.

I have not inquired on this yet, but this truly is criminal in what is being engaged in, as this group knows what shambles the US economy is and it will be worse.

As a warning.......

I believe in God, and  there is not any way that God is going to allow the stealing of Christian Russia's oil and resources in a war, the way Iraq and Syria's oil have been stolen.

Seriously, there is something wrong with Paul Ryan. He has had a psychological change. People grow beards for reason of hiding things which they are ashamed of inside of them. Ryan's eyes appear the eyes of madness.
That of course is nothing which can  be done about. What must be insisted on is trying all of these criminals, holding their families legally responsible and seizing all of their assets in this economic rape of America.

Nuff said.