Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lone Rider: Starring Birtha Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Poor Teddy Cruz
A billionaire's pawn
Did in by his own intrigue
In Senate bills he spawned
Nothing that he said
Made up for his face turning read
Poor Teddy Cruz
The light of truth did dawn

I absolutely knew there was trouble today when Big Koch Limbaugh had on this Val-erie Jarrett nattering about how Ted Cruz shits holy script, over this little intrigue which the Birtha Cruz opened up in sponsoring an amendment to a bill which made AMNESTY LEGAL FOR ALL INVADERS OF AMERICA.

The problem is, is that CNN opened this can of worms and Marco Rubio knocked it out of the park making mention of Cruz's amendment for AMNESTY. CNN was so upset they had destroyed Cruz, that they tried to cover for him, in saying Cruz put this amendment on to destroy the entire bill......yes more Ted Cruz intrigue as the Bush's and Rockefellers and the Tea Party have all discovered after Ted appears and a knife appears in all of their backs.

The thing in this my children and my brats is the cover up of Limbaugh.

What cover up?

Ah, ask yourself my babes, the big Q in .....that would be QUESTION for those with bed fuzz brains, but the big question......I will make it easier in typing out the word QUESTION, in can you just toss an amendment onto a bill?
I mean can Ted type up an amendment for a day to honor what a big prick he is and just paste it in.......or does Ted have to go through some hoops and jumps to get things included into a bill?

This is all hidden in "RIDERS" as they are termed in bills. A Senator introduces a bill, and it goes through the hoops and committees, and once it appears on the floor in debate, then Senator Cruz of Canadian birth did rise and offer his amendment to make AMNESTY LEGAL.

Odd is it not for a rider which destroyed the Senate elite in pushing invasion for slave labor, that no one thought to bring this up to punish Cruz or the media decided to smash him over it......but it was only Marco Rubio who decided to bring all of this up.

Perhaps not so odd in Ted Cruz was down on the border handing out toys to Mexican invaders with Glenn Beck. Maybe Ted Cruz was once again playing both sides of his clever little plan in saying he was against something for the Tea Party vote while pandering to Mexicans and Wall Street slave labor by offering up the bill.

Whatever this is, it is delicious, because the power elite spent all this Mockingbird press to say Cruz was high in the polls........only maybe in Iowa..........Cruz is the guy to inherit Trump's whirlwind........if Trump is not there..........and Cruz is pure as the Virgin Mary's menstrual discharges, due to his immaculate conception politically.

You know every person in the Senate who was screwed over by Cruz knew he did this.....and yet they apparently signed onto it, and were not so furious about being screwed over as Cruz is an insider who is part of all of this in minding the Tea Party. That is the proof in this.........and I figure the obfusciation of Ted Cruz over this, just cost him 10 points in one polling period in the real numbers.
Ted Cruz is dead politically, because once you get caught double talking to the Tea Party, they never forget what a damn liar you are.

This is all good news, as finally, those few voters who Ted Cruz has been holding hostage can come home to  Donald Trump, and Mr. Trump will make all their dreams come true, whereas Ted Cruz was going to awaken them after the election with another rider, about their having sold their souls to Wall Street.

I would say let's sing, but with a poem already written above, people will be expecting me in a french maid costume as part of the floor show.

Nuffer said.