Monday, December 21, 2015

Democrat Polling Shows Donald Trump Wins GOP and Presidency

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you missed it, Lindsey in the gay ear Graham, was driven from the GOP primary race. This is due to the fact that Donald Trump holds such commanding lead across America and in South Carolina, that Graham had lost all value as a Jebcaver to deliver SC.

If you missed it, Hillary Clinton and image Obama turned complete focus on.......Donald Trump, meaning no matter what the fraud polling data lowering Mr. Trump's numbers are, the fact is the DNC knows Donald Trump is the nominee to beat.........

Beat is the key word, as Hillary and image Obama would not be unleashing this vigorously, unless Donald Trump is trouncing Hillary Hamrod Clinton. The Obama regime and Clinton pretenders are terrified over the numbers Mr. Trump is beating them by, because they can not flip enough e votes to steal this election.

That is what all of this means........and it means the Lame Cherry has been proven right again in you are being lied to and manipulated in fraud poll numbers.

Just keep on voting for Donald Trump, and you fairyland Cruz voters, I am asking you to stop this nonsense, as his numbers are not what they are portrayed. All of us now need to unite behind Donald Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to provide US, that means every one of us, such a united voice in his receiving 70 plus percent of the vote, that Mr. Trump can begin unleashing on this lying fraud Hillary Clinton.

It is time for Jeb Bush to be forced out of this race. It is time for the Jebcavers to all disappear to the closet like Lindsey Graham. Get rid of Jeb, and narrow this down to Mr. Trump, Mr. Carson, Mr. Cruz and Mr. Rubio. If you are not above 5, take a dive.

We need to make this the focus now in "Let's all get behind Donald Trump and win this".

You have this won my children and my brats. Now is the time to surge behind Donald Trump and wrap this up.