Monday, December 21, 2015

Rush Limbaugh Calls Ted Cruz A Liar

 We know Rush is Right by his Stained Glass Religious necktie

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a difficult thing when one is the Mockingbird mic head choice of the elite to put in the effort of lying to everyone about how principled Ted Cruz is...............and then when Ted Cruz, lying about amnesty, drags your name into his defending his.........and then says that you are calling Marco Rubio a liar, when you never said just gets a bit much on the liars calling liars liars.

Rush Limbaugh had this dilemma in building up Ted Cruz to take out Donald Trump in splitting the vote, but then Ted had to go and start lying. I mean it is one thing for Ted to back Obamatrade and vote for it. It is another thing for Ted to hand out toys to border buster invaders, but it is another thing for Ted to back amnesty and if you notice in this ONLY LIBERAL OBAMA MEDIA WHORES ARE THE ONES DEFENDING TED CRUZ, it just comes to a point where Rush Hudson Limbaugh III has to come out and defend his lying in calling Ted Cruz a liar, when Rush Limbaugh never once called Marco Rubio a liar.

I had really expected more from a Canadian as Ted Cruz is, because Canadians are an honest people. I suppose it had something to do in picking up bad Bush family habits when his mum dragged him out of Canada and decided to remake him in the Ivy League image, as apparently those leaves cover up a great deal of male smallness, as it does in the Birther Obama case.

So we have Birtha Cruz, now caught acting 3rd world Cuban in lying about another Cuban in Marco Rubio, the American National........and then daring to really go after the pasty white guy top of the Viagra suitcase heap in mic head Rush Limbaugh.
Oddly, I never heard Mark Levin rising up to defend Ted Cruz against Rush Limbaugh, and threaten R. Hudson Limbaugh, as Mark Levin did against Donald Trump, in Mr. Trump warning everyone what a maniac Ted Cruz really is as the political ghoul.

This is the reality is Rush Limbaugh was forced into this after all his work at moulding your minds to how immaculately conceived Ted Cruz is in principles. He has Big Koch to answer to and then he was forced to call Ted Cruz a liar, as he has to protect the interests of Marco Rubio.

Limbaugh could only do it once, as the next clip of Cruz lying, Limbaugh could only say, "I am just playing clips of my name being mentioned".

That is the fact of today, in Ted Cruz has been lying, and now is so desperate, he is taking Rush Limbaugh's name in vain, by lying about Rush Limbaugh, who then had to out Ted Cruz as a liar.

So in review:

Ted Cruz is Canadian and lied about being an American.

Ted Cruz has just been called a liar by Rush Limbaugh.

What can we conclude from this?

Ted Cruz only lies about the big things, not about the small things. So he probably would lie to you about being for your genocide by foreign invaders, but not lie to you about his penis size.