Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Divide and Peace Europe

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that the rest of the brilliant minds have caught up to the Great Eurasian War, which they are all terming incorrectly World War III, the Lame Cherry must now advocate a few things instead as the children have not thought this out.

I base this on the fine examination by Paul Craig Roberts in this quote:

At this point in time, nuclear war can only be avoided in two ways. One way is for Russia and China to surrender and accept Washington’s hegemony. The other way is for an independent leader in Germany, the UK, or France to rise to office and withdraw from NATO. That would begin a stampede to leave NATO, which is Washington’s prime tool for causing conflict with Russia and, thereby, is the most dangerous force on earth to every European country and to the entire world. If NATO continues to exist, NATO together with the neoconservative ideology of American hegemony will make nuclear war inevitable.

The problem with thought is, it is like Khan in Star Trek, being one dimensional, and when PCR advocates one nationalist to rise in Europe to save itself, then why not have three or four for multi dimensional nationalism?

Not to be racially rude, but I am just going to be blunt in saying Europe needs a German Austrian, a Greco Roman, a Frenco Dutch and Andres Breivik in charge of Scandinavia to remedy all of this.

You have already read of my plan to limit the anti Christ in making a German Russian alliance, which saves European Christendom, but with PCR now advocating NATO balkanized, there must be an examination of this in proper terms.

I say this, give Mr. Putin the Ukraine and Angela Merkel. Agree to form a new Slavic trade zone of the Balkans and Baltic states.......Germany gets most of Poland as Poland stole all of Prussia.
We then have a tidy little tid bit where France and Germany awaken and declare war on the Low  Lands. France gets Belgium, Spain and Portugal, and Germany gets whatever else is about the midsts, while England piddles in the pond.
Greece declares war on Italy, and it's beast of Revelation 10 toes is like Sardinia, Cyprus, Rhodes and you know those pissy little islands no one cares about.........they can then invade Libya, smack Egypt, go up the gut to the Holy Land and the anti Christ pitches his tents there.

America in the meantime, has Donald Trump as President, and having lots of cheap oil, nice cars, good food and guns, they just stay out of the war, and I figure it this way, that the 200 million man army at Armegeddon might as well be those Godless Chin, Muslim Indonesians and Hindu Indians getting dead on that big valley battle field.

That sort of suits me as NATO can die, the Brits can be balkanized, hang Cameron for being a pig fag, and Jesus can bitch slap Charles off of Jesus Throne and that sort of ends the world with Christians being spared from mass martyrdom.

It is not that I want to deprive people of being martyrs to honor God, not to deprive God from being honored, it is just I am trying to be blessed as a peacemaker to inherit the earth. I figure a little war and jackbooting of certain peoples in Europe will not be so bad as they like that kind of thing.........Americans can take over their North Mexico lands and put those beaners on a leash too and make something of them. Be a great way to occupy all of our time, so we do not get into some nuclear or pulse war thing killing off billions.
God has that Wormwood thing hitting earth, it might be enough dead people from that to make this all work out in a positive way.

So that is my alternative plan, to asymmetrical Europe to Mutli Dimensional Europe. Just get nice Lutheran types with hot wives to run the place, wear furs and plenty of jewels, have pretty uniforms  and buy Mr. Putin's oil and gas, and everything will be just as peaceful as they can be.

Oh kill a bunch of liberals too, as Europeans like heads being chopped off and blood spurting things. The world will be a better place for it.
Oh and give  Turkey to Russia, the world will be a better place for it.

Nuff said.