Wednesday, December 30, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am curious in "the most lifelike robot yet" featured on Drudge Report, why a robochic has to be made to look like ugly Kathy Griffin..........who is not as a liberal aging well, and looks more like Phyllis Diller after she died.

I just would think that .............

Well if you are going to build a robot, it would be like on Mudd's Women from Star Trek, in the robochics would all be hot vixens. I mean except if you are a butch dyke like Oprah or Ellen or Rosie, who would want an ugly robot around the house....well except wives, but then if the robochic was getting sexed by the husband, it would allow her to quit acting in fake orgasms, and the wife could be off doing the things she prefers like ..........Facebook or some other constructive thing females do.

I just do not get this in why making a robot look like a repulsive woman.

Look at Summer Glau on Terminator she was hot. Why not make them Summer Glau models. Come to think of it, I have an idea that actresses, providing me 1% royalty for this idea, should gain market rights to their image to be lines of robochics.

Here are my top suggestions.

Raquel Welch, the hottest American girl on the planet plus earth. Who would not want to have Raquel around the house as your daughterbot, maidbot, secbot or chatbot. She could tell women how mean lesbians are, how big guys dicks are, and make everyone feel better, as Ms. Welch has made everyone feel better her entire life.
I move that there be a Raquel Welch robochic in there being a non ugly bot Kathy Griffins.

Next we have Elke Sommer. This is our German model. She would have some special features though in if Muslims would try to rape her, her pussy would have a blade to castrate those Muslims, and for normal people she would be just the thing to say things like strudel, as the world always is more pleasant if we hear strudel a few  times a day.

Finally, we have Capucine, thee most beautiful of beautiful cinema ladies. Capucine could be the caviar model with champagne. You could bring her out for Christmas, celebrations or family gatherings, as every family should have a hot relative to make turkey and pumpkin pie taste better.

For this reason, I really want a robochic standard in this. No liberal females and no ugly chics, which are the same thing, because if you are going to invest a fortune in bot, you might as well start with something gorgeous instead of some Kathy Griffin, who is starting to look like the stuff dried on little girls blouses after interning for David Letterman.

That is about all that requires saying about this, except am still waiting on rich people to make a donation, as hell is not going to freeze over, and making a 350,000 dollar donation might just make it less hot for you wealthy people there when you are dragged there upon death.
I would think that would be cheap really, in God could review things and say, "Wait a minute, drag that carcass up from level fire and brimstone to the summer sweaty zone, as that richtard pried open their portfolio and made a 500,000 dollar donation to my popular girl Lame Cherry".
It won't get you saved, but being nice to me is better than dropping below fire and brimstone level and having to listen to Kathy Griffin snarl at you.

Nuff said