Saturday, December 12, 2015

Donald Trump and the National Front

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I firmly believe that Presidential Candidate Donald Trump must begin the process of forming a new political party if the traitors in the Republican Party succeed in the fraud of Ted Cruz, which is intended to split the Trump vote and install whatever Jebcaver through e vote fraud can be installed as the nominee.

I firmly believe that Mr. Trump's best framework is the Front Nationale, or the National Front which is a Conservative Right Wing party built upon the Le  Pen family of France. This party espouses an equal measure of what Mr. Trump has been saying. The Front Nationale is building toward a victory in France as more natives are learning that suffering genocide by the hands of their political despots is something they do not want to experience.

In that, I believe the American National Front is the party which Donald Trump should found and make this his group which will form from the left and right, to elect him as President inside the Republican Party, and if the GOP scoundrels commit election fraud, the National Front will indeed become the Party the GOP began life as in replacing the patrician Whigs of the east coast establishment in 1856 AD in the year of our Lord.

The fraud continues in Iowa. You will remember the endless gay parade of leaders from Ben Carson and now Ted Cruz. I just inquired and as I stated when Ben Carson was touted as the "leader" by another fraud poll, TED CRUZ'S REAL NUMBERS ARE 12% GOP VOTE AND 4% IN THE GENERAL.

A free operation on hemmorhoids polls better in Iowa than Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump's real polling numbers are 46% GOP and 66% General. Mr. Trump is pulling that many Democrats in his numbers are surging.


You do remember that Donald Trump called the Des Moines Register is best used as ass wipe for dogs right?
Same for their fraud polls.

Americans in all parties are fed up with being criminalized, sodomized and facing genocide by invaders or terrorists. That is the national will and it is embraced and espoused by Donald Trump.