Saturday, December 12, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In case you missed this, in all the Obama regime disarming of Americans, and political assassination of Donald Trump, these two headlines converged in Missouri.

FBI Told Of 4th Bulk Cell Phone Purchase At MO Walmart
Dozens Propane Tanks Taken, 150 Cell Phones Bought In MO


I will explain this in propane explodes. Propane tanks make lovely shrapnel in being made out of high pressure steel. Add a cell phone as the remote detonator trigger, a detonator with charge capable of knocking off the valve (one could take the valve off, but that is a great deal of work in replacing it with a detonator pack inside, but one still has to refill the 20 pound tank.).......I digress.

But this is a do it yourself portable bomb, capable of deafening, luck shot shrapnel kills and disfigurement, all wrapped up in nice packages not to be noticed in human concentration areas, and it makes a number of Obama Social Security recipients.

Propane and Natural Gas blows blows up and the other blows air heavy thing.

Inquiry states this is Palestinians, 16 in number operating out of Kansas City, Missouri. 7 females involved

Working on target........people casualties........not locking on to is Christmas gatherings are the target.......public........locked is children visiting Santa Claus.
Females will herd the lambs for the slaughter.

Well that certainly is a Muslim Xmas. image Obama probably can disarm all those gun carrying elves and reindeer after this one.

Will see if the American Mutton does more than bleat over lamb chops as nothing much bothers them.