Sunday, December 13, 2015

Donald Trump: Hell Scarer

 Those Peaceful Indians Nuking Christians

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The most certain reason for voting for Donald Trump is the same people who were terrified of Ronald Reagan and are still creating fiction in smearing him, are the same twatsie boys now terrified of Donald Trump.

NORMAN LEAR: Trump 'Scares the Hell Out of Me'...

I would hope that if the diatriber against all things Christians and Patriots in Archie Bunker's creator has the hell scared out of him, he would convert to submitting to Jesus, but liberals seem to find hell scared out of them, that all fear of God is seared out of them.
Some liberals just never catch HIV young enough or overdose young enough to save the world from Obama giving them awards for wowing it.

TL was able to get into the e mail. I was not being a popular girl. I wanted to thank those who wrote, and cards and photos shared.

A question was asked if God would have Mercy upon us.  I think back upon God's Mercy.

David accomplished adultery, murdered the husband, married the wife, and God was merciful in putting David's son on the throne......the second son, in God killed the first, and then gave David civil war by one of his other sons.

God was merciful to Elijah, when he had a death sentence on his head by the state. God told Elijah that He had saved 7000 Faithful who had not bowed to Baal.

God was merciful to the Apostles. All were executed for their Faith.

I think of George Washington's dream for America, in America would be destroyed by 3 calamities. Revolution of 1776. Civil War and an upcoming war which he world will gather against America and only the interdiction of Christ will save America from complete annihilation.  After this Washington was shown little cottages springing up again.

Mercy is not what we usually think of it as. Mercy was killing off all the Sodomites, so they would not have a worse place in hell. Mercy was killing off the Canaanites so they would not pollute the entire world in their immorality. Mercy is purging both the nations of Israel and Judah of their sinners, so that thousands of years later you could be reading this in having been resown as peoples who were Christian, so that all of this could be purged again by God.

I do not state this to lecture anyone. It is just a matter that the Great Tribulation is coming someday, and we are just one Nimrod away to having iniquity complete in this world for the obliteration of most of sinful humanity.

I have mentioned before that many people chose before they came here, to become martyrs one day. Some have been chosen to carry on. There is nothing to fear in this, because it has all been worked out already, and when things come, you will be ready, because you are God's.

The Bible teaches for us "to be vigilant", because satan stalks each of us like a prowling lion to devour us. Each of us, as in the original question about God's Mercy, and if Donald Trump will survive, have already made up our minds to what we are going to do if he is assassinated. You have not voiced nor cemented what you will do, but whether it is self preservation, cowardice, martyrdom or bravery.

I inquired into this, and at this juncture, those 40 million loaded guns for Donald  Trump are what is keeping assassination off the program, as this is something the elite are quite aware of. It is why gas prices have plunged again. The natives are restless and that is good, especially if the elite believe they have itchy trigger fingers.
The elite's god is fraud polling in hoping the nitwits will be swayed enough to believe the election theft of e vote fraud.

I sincerely desire for Americans to be terrified. I want the terrified of God and I want the terrified of Donald Trump, so terrified that they will behave themselves and come to heel to Mr. Trump. It would be best for them or the Obama swill, will turn them into mutton like France.

Your foreparents were chosen by God to survive His Mercy and His Wrath. It is most likely that you will too as will your children. You were bright enough to find the dim bulb burning here, so that is probably a good sign.

I can promise you that no one starts a revolution. Revolutions happen because either God means them to, or because the people have no loyalty to the current regime, and could care less what regime replaces it.

The only thing that mystifies me in all of this is Muslims seem aware they have become targets of Americans inside America in now playing coy, but Mexicans are vacuous. The only thing  that seems to impress a Mexican is cold and snow. Snow seems to get rid of Mexicans like it does plague mosquitoes.

I still hope when Donald Trump strings Mark Zuckerberg by his little testicles, with aid of a jock strap so the rope does not slip off that small appendagees, that I will then have my Lame Cherry account restored. Maybe I will turn the Zuckerberg compound into a nuclear  test range or something.  Then again the way image Obama has damaged America, there is odds it will be Iranian, North Korean, Chinese........sorry am tired of  typing as you would not want to read the list of all those people who gained WMD's under Obama.........oh and Norman Lear or that ilk, are not scared as hell of Obama..........but the main point is the only people who do not have WMD's now is......well you.