Thursday, December 17, 2015

Endorsed by Vladimir Putin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I consider it fitting that digital terrorist Michael Moore decided to try and whore for a place on the stage in confessing he is joined with Muslims in being Jesus hating, thug terrorists or their smarmy little terror enablers to sodomize the world they assault with Obama oil money.

I consider this fitting that while Michael Moore is revealing what flat world feudal trash he is, President Vladimir Putin, NBC's Bob Costa's professed Peace Giver to the World and the champion of all the world's oppressed in Christians and Muslims, starting in Syria and the Ukraine, has informed the world, this world leader's assessment of the next President of these United States, Donald Trump.

Putin hails Donald Trump as 'bright and talented'

It wasn't quite an endorsement, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised Donald Trump's talents and lauded his calls for better ties with Ru…

Oh yes it is an endorsement and it is driving the Mockingbird press up the wall!!!!

So this is a typical day for Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is attacked by the Goebbels of the satanic world regime, and Mr. Trump is praised by the protector of International Peace and Human Rights.

This blog gratefully appreciates the timely statement of President Vladimir Putin, in praising Donald Trump. I appreciate like Mr. Trump, the reality that Moscow and Washington will find in Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump a working relationship for both Russia and America's peace, prosperity and greater understanding and respect, without any shooting down of Russian aircraft trying to establish peace in the Mideast and there will not be a need as in the Obama era of Russian bombers testing American defenses.

America has a future of peace with Russia, and it must be stated that the war in Syria, can not be expanded as troops are now amassed on the Ukraine border to open another front against Russia, in these constant Obama led cartel political assassination attempts against Mr. Putin, all to steal Russian resources, as Iraqi  and Syrian oil is now being stolen from those peoples by ISIS.

Michael Moore can be all the Muslim he lusts to be. He does not speak for this Christian though, as I believe in the rule of law and order, and not the criminalization of Christians and Americans, nor the genocide of Europeans in these invaders.

There is Ronald Reagan's Shining City on the Hill, and it is now led by President Vladimir Putin. It is hoped that with enough support to cease stolen e voting elections in America, and the protection of Mr. Trump, that by Donald Trump, America will re establish the Reagan Shining City on the Hill in the blackness which now shrouds Washington DC, America and the world.

Thank you President Vladimir Putin proving that you are the leader who can work with Donald Trump for world peace and prosperity to end the Obama Abyss.