Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington - Mr. Cruz Does DC

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a fact in all of this which needs to be expressed, that the True American running for President in 2016 is Donald Trump, and is personified by that inspiring Hollywood movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, starring the heroic Jimmy Stewart.

There is much in common with Mr. Trump and this movie, because Donald Trump, like Mr. Smith, simply wanted to do the right thing for the People of America in being part of the political process, and for this the big money interest and political insiders, smeared him and tried to destroy him.
Mr. Smith literally collapsed on the Senate Floor in filibuster, reading  the sacred American Covenants, while Ted Cruz simply called his off with Green Eggs and Ham, leaving the Tea Party stabbed in the back again.

In that Ted Cruz does have a bit of Hollywood for the prototype of politician he is. Fittingly it was spawned in Britain, like Ted Cruz being birthed in Canada, in what has become the House of Cards.
In America, the liberal smarmy actor Kevin Spacey plays, Francis Underwood, a political low life who uses all and betrays all, to get to the White House.

That is the reality of 2016, on one hand you have the American Donald Trump, standing for Americans and being attacked by the establishment trying to destroy him as Jimmy Stewart portrayed, and on the other hand you have Ted Cruz like Kevin Spacey, stabbing the Rockefellers, the Bush's, the Tea Party in the back and waiting around to plunge his own dagger into Donald Trump.

Evil wins in America unless the Good has a great deal of help from a mob which makes the nation rapists and their Cruz politicians retreat to attempt intrigue again for another day, as Ronald Reagan had victor and vanquish in.

Americans need to make up their minds to stand with Donald Trump past the end, or it is going to be some Ted Cruz betraying all of us again in a Clinton, a Bush or whatever else is a political whore to this cartel machine.