Sunday, December 27, 2015

For the Rich in the Richmond Federal Reserve


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For this article I gave Richmond Federal Reserve President, Jeffrey M. Lacker the opportunity to address his position on raising interest rates in connection with what it would mean in paying people with savings accounts in banks, and allow banks to raise rates to provide more services to their customers, but instead I was told by his head press skirt, Laura Fortunato, to read Mr. Lacker's speeches which are posted online, so in that attempt to assist President Lacker, he is instead going to come under scrutiny instead.

The assessment of Jeffrey Lacker is a simple matter of a complete disconnect with reality. His reality is the one where worthless job creation of a few hundred thousand is 5% unemployment while making excuses that 94 million people out of work are just baby boomer slackers who do not belong in the work for any way, and that the economy is doing great, so therefore the Fed needs to raise interest rates.
From reading Mr. Lacker's speeches, he makes absolutely no valid points in real economics in why an interest rate should be increased in America. Which then points to, who is Jeffrey Lacker whoring for in a profit of billions in an interest rate rise.

The Federal Reserve is now a group of people in the Obama regime where the Chair Janet Yellin is involved in creative economics, of not having a clue as to what to do in this massive Ponzi deb scheme to keep it stagnating along, and Jeffrey Lacker advocating for his group to plunder some billions more from the hog trough.

In short, the Federal Reserve is not about economics, but about keeping a financial gulag extortion syndicate operating in imprisoning the masses, so they do not rise up and hang these nation rapists.

To remind the power elite, it is probably a good idea to deal with bloggers which generate the volatile mob, in treating them with more than dismissals, as the same smiles and bribes which move them, also deflect to the more positive aspects of people like Jeffrey M. Lacker.

Mr. Lacker is ignorant in economics, but he is also at least pro American in his slave work force. His main focus is upon teaching American children to be educated as their college drop out rate is 40%, but that their education needs to be in industry, as in welding, but again Mr. Lacker is part of this anal education where his welders must know "math" and how to read blueprints. Perhaps if more of the welder's immediate CEO's were not Indians who could not speak English, and could do the math and point out where welding seams needed to be, it would increase production rates each day. Yes another novel Lame Cherry approach in understanding manufacturing industry in it's necessary operations, and not the collegiate making all children go into massive debt in teaching them things which they do not need to know.
The Ford line worker did not need to know how to build a Mustang in 1960 in math, no more than the Pennsylvania steel worker, as the white collars had the degrees and were to show up for work, and not golf dates with Obama and Fed employees counting their cash.

The employing Americans is a good thing from Mr. Lacker, but he fails to note that Americans are not employed, because of illegal invasion and the new 60 million Asian trained imports, as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg discovered a grand thing in, get Asians to educate your employees who are sub standard and not innovative, and it is faster to import them, and then all those billions to universities can be diverted to the trillion dollar socio conglomerates.

It is always the problem with the anal educated like Jeffrey Lacker, chosen to head policy to divest Americans of wealth, that their allegiances are not to America nor Americans, but the "bigger picture". What is his view is keeping the Titanic engines turning, as an iceberg has just tore an iceberg size hole in the ship.

President Lacker does sum up the dirty universal size secret of the Federal Reserve, which is like medicine in doctors cure no one. Medicine is instead only able to comfort the victim, until the body naturally heals itself. People either live on their own or die on their own. Doctors charge fortunes which are the natural outcome any way.

It is in that, that Jeffrey Lacker stated this:

Monetary policy’s ability to affect real economic activity -- except for cases of egregious policy errors -- is usually quite limited and is almost always short-lived. 

To translate this, Jeffrey Lacker is telling all of you, that all of the Obama and Tim Geithner looting of the US economy, the Wall Street money dumps and the bribes, do absolutely nothing to change the economy, produce jobs or fix anything .All the Fed does with the Obama regime is harm the economy and that means it harms the Citizen.

So 20 trillion dollars in Obama debt fixed nothing and the Fed knew it would not fix a blessed thing. It was all about looting the US Treasury, not providing a job for you or any protection for your savings.

The Lame Cherry wanted to write an article about how raising interest rates would help Americans, as people who have money borrowed, are locked into low rates and would not be harmed, and now increased rates would help your local bank provide more services for you at better rates, while the small investor would keep more money in their local banks which helps their communities, but instead I was told that I was not important enough for someone whose salary is PAID FOR BY MYSELF AND OTHER AMERICANS is far too important to speak to his employer.

Jeffrey Lacker is a vacuous mind. He has inhaled too much the cartel propaganda while not seeking the best for Americans, but only a segment of his financial benefactors.

The American Federal Reserve is a group of puppets who are following a script, exactly like the one Obama had written for his overthrow of Americans. These people should be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.  Jeffrey Lacker could have appeared here espousing a reason of interest rates which would benefit small community Americans, but that is not what the Richmond Federal Reserve is interested in.

There is not much reason to continue this expose' as the above states it all as those are the words posted by Jeffrey Lacker as his defense for what he has been engaged in.