Thursday, December 31, 2015

Forensic Psychological White Paper on Homosexuality


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Why do dogs eat their own shit?

The basis of this is due to the fact my brother discovered upon purchasing two purebred puppies from an unclean kennel, where the puppies pens were not cleaned out, and not being fed, learned to feed upon their own excrement.
His dogs never got over this, and in fact would rather eat shit than dog food.

This brings this short Lame Cherry White Paper on Forensic Psychology dealing with homosexuals is the realty that the key elements to sexual programming are first experiences of arousal.

Place before a susceptible children photos of people tied up, and a percentage will deal sexually with bondage as a fetish. This is the programming of the brain in pleasure and action, as much as masturbating to porn or including food in sexual acts.

For the homosexual or an anal group, their first sexual experience included flatulence, a toilet with the scent of excrement, their own soiling themselves or the direct act of feces sex. The arousal for this group is triggered by the scent memory which prevails, compared to the visual stimulus which triggers a greater majority, with a minority triggered by sounds such as screams or music.

There is nothing "born to this", but it is feces or excrement scent association with sexual stimulation. For this group it is something which the perverts who promoted sexual study, never noted, as it would be a subject of ridicule as it should be.

This does not require vast space of electronic trees sacrificed to record this reality. Human waste is what is the attractant and stimulant to these degenerates, as farts or shit were their first sexual experience.

Normally there would only be revulsion to this.

Nuff said