Thursday, December 31, 2015

RFK Plotted JFK's Assassination

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above title is sensational in Robert Kennedy plotted and planned his brother, Jack's assassination, but in it are the "What is behind the Green Door" reality which remote viewing fails at.

I enjoy the study of remote viewing, am amused when people accuse me being a remote viewer and look to RV in their experiences to glean further understanding of the matrix.

Jeff Rense has been featuring a series of Remote Viewers which are fascinating, as they are some of the most accomplished in the least who are public. Their target was the JFK Assassination, and along with the leg work of Jim Marrs, a great deal of "in the groove" information has been  confirmed, while much has been missed.

What I am going to explain here is how this works in remote viewing, in this matrix of thought, which is current and currents of energy thought waves, which has eddies, pools, undertows, floods....everything which water has, including surges, and if those involved can put a large enough disruption into this river of thought, it will indeed disrupt events.
That is one of the most odd things about the matrix is how strong it is, and yet a simple revelation on the Lame Cherry can disrupt the entire event to make it vanish.

The study in his is Dick Algire and Daz Smith, so one can understand the perception points of an event like Dallas. Algire saw the events from the Grassy Knoll and School Book Depository. Smith saw events from the Grassy Knoll and the Curb Shot, from the limo perspective.

There has been so much "thought" and propaganda interjected into the JFK assassination that there are grooves in this which individuals flow to. There is the initiator who hires the remote viewers adding their prejudice which is picked up, as well as national prejudices. It all forms a divining rod that wicks in a certain current, and sometimes that current is a "what if" in a matrix which did not take place.

What is of interest to me is both viewers, saw a J. Edgar Hoover character who they said was in on the planning of the assassination. Smith produced a dichotomy though as viewers are nice people but arrogant in believing the vision. He noted that mafia types were meeting with government types, and then noted that the shooters were highly professional military types............the mafia does not enlish hitmen who are military snipers, an anomoly has been produced which does not make sense, until you have the Cherry Stone to interpret what you are being told and seeing.

I told you years ago in the examination of JFK at Dallas, that those who were behind this, designed this to dirty everyone up, so they would all be guilty.

For example someone wanted Lyndon Johnson to be a focus so a story appeared over Johnson telling his mistress that the Kennedys would no longer be a problem. The same LBJ was at the hospital telling Kennedy spokesman that they did not know if he was the next target, if this was international and LBJ being President was not going to be announced until he was out of the hit zone.
One story was a plant and the other was close to reality.

I can assure all of you, that Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General of these United States was in the plotting of the assassination of his brother, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I can assure you that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was involved in the same operation. Many people were involved, including the mafia, including Lee Harvey Oswald. Now before you go flatworld like the Remote Viewers in jumping to conclusions......listen to what the viewers were asking.
They were asking who was in the planning of the of the JFK assassination. They kept zeroing in on J. Edgar Hoover and others, as the groove was pulling them to that answer.

Here though now is the  Lame Cherry game changer in this, which no one is seeing nor it has occured to them, because they were not there. The reason Robert Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover, as much as Lyndon Johnson were either involved in planning the assassination of John F. Kennedy, was because they were planning the assassination of another person.

That person was Fidel Castro. Those involved in the planning phase, were engaged in at that level producing an assassination operation in Cuba. This blueprint was hijacked and became the Kennedy Assassination, which actually failed on two other occasions.

Did the shooter and teams know they were making a hit on JFK? Of course, they did, but at the shooter level, that target was from orders handed down, and it was no different than an apple on a post. It was a target. The people who handed out the orders, were following orders, but orders geared to invoke their triggers to assess this was an acceptable operation.

If you want an "Oh Sh*t!!!!" moment, you wait until you are Bobby Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover, Lyndon Johnson and whoever, from Congress, CIA, DOD, and you find out that the very operations you have been utilizing to stop communism, were infiltrated as certain as 9 11, and used against America, and if any of that gets out, you would be lynched.

Bobby Kennedy knew very well "who" murdered his brother. RFK knew the operation as he has been a part of it in other  operations. He rubber stamped it all, and in reality John Kennedy had his own rubber stamp on his own assassination, as he had funded the mechanism.

The same group fronted for by the Ashkenaz financier Rothschilds, who shot Lincoln, McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan...........shot JFK. They are adept at running operations, engaging a lone nut, and dirtying up the associates like George H. W. Bush to J. Edgar Hoover, so they just shut up as they know they will be ruined and lynched if all of it becomes public.

RFK was going to go after this European group, and that was something which absolutely could not be allowed, so the Americans involved with the European Cartel shot RFK, as much as the Martin King movement was about to solidify as a competitor black communist movement, could not be allowed to become a radicalized political power in America.

That is what the problem with Remote Viewing is, it is human flatworld questions. The matrix will show you what you will, what others will, and what your question is, but you will see it in ignorance, because your mind is not knowledgable enough to see the devious nuances which are behind all of this.
It has become worse now, in there is part of this world wide web demon machine, a process to blow the matrix as the Obama regime did, to hide the facts of the Boston Bombing.
The longer a Remote Viewer is on target, the more they wear a grove or create a channel which erodes and produces a current which clutter is drawn to. In many ways, it is easier to Alice Pack off a Remote Viewer, because they already have the channel open......but you are only going to receive the deluge of their perceptions...........meaning perhaps someone who wants to hide their role in the JFK assassination, might just have the greater resources to already have worn several grooves into the matrix, so the viewer is reading predominantly what the  viewers sent in before have read........and some of those viewers are mechanically enhanced to produce a result.

So now you know something more in this teaching lesson of how the matrix operates and can be manipulated. People always neglect due to sympathy that John Kennedy was shot for a reason which mattered, to many people of different matters. In human bias, they make him a martyr instead of deserving by making excuses for him, and then glom onto some J. Edgar Hoover or Lyndon Johnson to blame for things.

I have a clue in this for all the fraternity. You are conducting this all ass backwards. The link from the cartel to the Grassy Knoll has been obliterated by force, but it is there for those who know how to build the feed. You are being diverted from looking at the cartel by a blocking wave. Start at source and not the event, and that is where the answers are, as you are chasing like a hound a scent trail which has been cleansed and laid down.
I probably should not have educated you on that, as you will now pollute the source or feed on the propaganda at the source and not be able to discern the entire story as you are not aware enough to answer the questions, you do not ask.

Nuff said