Wednesday, December 30, 2015

image Obama in Contempt of US Federal Court

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There is another Constitutional Crisis in America, and it is now a fact of overt war of the Executive Branch against the Judicial Branch, in the Obama regime disregarding Federal Court rulings against the regime, concerning the invasion of America.

TOMORROW: Obama new executive action will be printed as 'rule' in federal register. Allows for huge expansion in number of alien work permits issued annually...
FLASHBACK: Admin was already printing up countless work permits in violation of statute...
'All you Americans are fired'...

This is beyond Barack Hussein Obama attacking the Supreme Court during the State of the Union, and more than the shady dealing of how John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy somehow rewrote over 200 years of American Law in Obamacare and Sodomy in blackmail. It is the fact that a sitting Federal Judge ruled against the Obama regime, a case now before the Supreme Court to be decided, and the Executive is now in contempt of that High Court Ruling.

This literally is an overt criminal act, by the image Obama, as it defies the US Federal Court, and for that contempt a warrant can be issued for the immediate taking  into custody of the image of Barack Hussein Obama by Federal Marshals.

There is absolutely no denial of this crime. It is Court recorded, the Obama Justice Department is appealing this to the Supreme Court, and there is absolutely not any "ignorance of the law" excuse.

This is a Constitutional Crisis which is unprecedented in United States history.  This is greater than Abraham Lincoln ignoring Supreme Court challenges of habeas corpus during the Civil War, because it involves not ignoring laws as the Obama regime has a criminal habit of, but to the literal ignoring of a Federal Court ruling twice, the second time the Court scolded the regime for it's act of contempt.

It is doubtful in this lawlessness of the Obama regime that the Court will issue a warrant for the multiple arrests of those involved from image Obama to the numerous White House insurrectors,  but it is recorded here as an absolute that America is dead. Law has ceased in America. The Obama regime operates now under it's own Marxist sharia dictates in this jihad change of America which this regime believes in.

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