Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg's Criminal Price Fixing and Global Monopoly of Internet Slavery

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The criminality of Mark Zuckerberg, the NSA stooge who spies on everyone at Facebook, is without bounds in being protected by the Obama regime, as two massive cases are being decided concerning Mark Zuckerberg, insider stock price fixing and internet slavery of poor Asians.

In the first case, Zuckerberg is facing a US District Court lawsuit in which investors stated the obvious in Facebook took their money, stock prices collapsed for a year, and the reality is, it was Obama money dumps to Wall Street in binge buying of donator stocks, which made those insider Obama companies surge.

Facebook made its market debut on May 18, 2012 at $38 per share. Its share price fell to $17.55 on Sept. 4, 2012 and stayed below the IPO price for more than a year.
The stock ultimately rebounded, and closed on Tuesday up $1.33 at $107.26 on Nasdaq. That gave Facebook a roughly $303 billion market value, Reuters data show.

In the second case, Facebook has been trying to create a monopoly of internet slaves in Asia, by luring users in with "free internet" which is slow speeds and denies such access as Google Search, to get the Asians addicted and then make them pay for real internet.
This scheme which has Indian service providers stridently coming out against this scheme, as it would literally penalize Indians for providing internet in their own nations, while promoting the Zuckerberg crack whore access, is the disgusting feudal capitalistic rapine of what Mark Zuckerberg is creating as a nation rapist.

This is the criminal legacy of Mark Zuckerberg. He stole Facebook from his friends, took NSA money to spy on Americans, has terrorized everyone from Germany to America with his Facebook identity denial theft, and now is embarked on addicting and enslaving the world.........after he stole half the investments of people putting money into this sham company.

If you want an economic reality of what Facebook is, it is the Housing Bubble of George W. Bush, which created that false economic expansion. The Obama regime simply dumped Treasury monies into buying Facebook to create a false stock market spike, as there is not any way this site which produces nothing rose in price from 17 dollars to 107 dollars, except by manipulation.

Mark Zuckerberg has criminally been driving competitors like Huffington Post and the Washington Post from news feed blogs while creating it's own Facebook information syndicate for profit in phantom unique users.

Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest con artist in the world, and it is time the US Courts threw this criminal into chains and held him accountable before the public.

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