Monday, December 28, 2015

International Terror Pimp: Mark Zuckerberg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What do you get when the Obama regime funnels billions of dollars into a spyware program called Facebook?

Why you get the international terror pimp, Mark Zuckerberg, meeting with all the western world leaders in linking their intelligence networks into Facebook, to control all their populations so Muslims and Latins can genocide them.

You name one other person on the planet who is a civilian, who is invited to the G8 Summit, and gets face to face, and hugs from world despots, other than the terror pimp Mark Zuckerberg.
This stooge is a traitor to the free world.

We start off with international Islamic terror boss, image Barack Hussein Obama Chin.

Then the favorite of everyone, the leader of genocide of the British, that ejaculator into pig mouths, David Cameron.


The the genocidist of Germans, Frau Merkel


Then there is Nicholas Sarkozy of France.

Then of course there is a billion Indians to be controlled and genocided by their Modi who likes hugging Zuckerberg in one on one.

That is G8 super pimp, spying on the world, and the spy on all the world for the despots in control.

There is no public face more guilty of crimes against humanity. This entire network is the platform to destroying freedom as it makes criminals out of all of you for thinking and posting.

Nuff said.