Monday, December 28, 2015

Sounds better as Rutger

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am reminded at this time of the scene from Big Jake, where John Wayne tells Bruce Cabot to go back and check their trail, and when Cabot asks if Wayne had seen anything, he replies, "It's not like I seen anything, but it 's a feeling".

I have noticed that when our goats are going to die, or anything from the kitties, that I get edgy and troubled. I can feel something and that to me is more troubling than anything, as I do not know what this enhanced radar is.
I used to see Angelic Light when major events were about to happen which were earth shattering, but this past half year I am aware of things.

Mother Marie, our herd doe, died today. She was around 8 or 9. Last year at this time she was about to birth two buck goats that satan tried to murder on your evil behalves in those who sent ill will here, and was in the porch, and now she is laying on top of the frozen ground with her head propped up to east, returning to where she was formed from.

She was down this morning, and I got her up. I could see her eyes were sad, and she was in that pleading state. I though have had enough death and suffering, so I continued on with chores after talking to her and feeding her with water.
We had to run errands today, and when I got home, she was laying there stretched out dead. That part was a blessing as she did not have to suffer more. It bothers me though that I never had time to say goodbye, as she was my girl.
She was aloof, standoffish, ornery and got that way by being abused by those we got her from. The other goats had bunted her, she was not cared for, and they did the worst thing to her in taking her babies from her.

Our first set of twins she delivered when here, she was pissed when I took them away. It was not until about 6 weeks later I had them outside, and she sniffed them, that her furor subsided, in she figured out that I had not stolen her kids, and that I was taking care of them.
As I said, she was always standoffish, and stubborn, but after a few months of dealing with her, I figured out she really did love me in her own way of not being too overt. After that, she was Mother Marie and with all her quirks she fit in here very well.

I see now that the accident of two years ago in her getting bred was part of the plan of God, as she was checking out of here.

In that, I have noticed not just in satanic murder and your evil wills that things are dying, but people are too. I pay attention to things like that, as that is what troubles me, in God has been weeding people out for some time now and these weaker animals are not staying around either.

I should have known that something had happened when I got home, as I used to check the answering machine which we do not have now, but looked over there, and then my mind flashed to checking on Ruby. Ruby was my puppy and has been dead for years, but she does appear around here when things are going to happen. I miss her terribly, but she has job now in apparently shepherding critters.
I know that flash of the thought of here was Tooter around here someplace and I miss her presence, but Heaven is allot better, as much as I was thinking of her the other day about having to wait when she was a ghost to let her into the house, as she had not yet figured out she could walk through walls.

I do not know what is coming, but something feels like it is coming, and that had me on edge. The feeling associated with Marie has gone, but there is something out there which is a change.

It does not fit with Daisy and Baby Belle let out of the barn, running and kicking to their delight today. Belle could be in a rodeo as she bucks, twists, kicks and puts on a perfect miniature display of a wild bull. Daisy fell down in the snow at first, and hurt herself a bit, but now these two have no problem running snow and if the weather would straighten out I would let them sort of self feed during the day as it would make things easier on me.

I believe that God does not tell me things, because I would interfere somehow, but I would not want to not have this troubling feeling, as knowing is better than being a dunce on the wire chirping about how great things were when the storm was coming.

If I put in the effort, I am certain I would be shown what it is. It is though this feeling that bothers me as it is like a primal psychic wound in the matrix, and everything out there is reacting to it. When I talk of my "radar" I sweep the field, but am not locking is that void or dead dark and almost a living death, just looming there. Perhaps ....I just do not know what that next thought was, but it is not talking and God is not saying what it is in just a cursory sweep.

I know that anyone can say anything, and as John Wayne said when asked near or far, he could not say, as it was a feeling. It feels near to me and the reception is muddled because of something I have been unleashing, which I will probably be writing about for January sometime in a offensive positive to disrupt the negative.

Well if you all start dropping like these goats, there ain't going to be much left but a remnant.

Something is out there and I can feel it.