Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Just a Suggestion to the Trump Thumpers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I just heard someone ridiculing Donald Trump as a cartoon character and earlier heard that old traitor Pat Leahy lecturing Mr. Trump to "read the Constitution", and wonder just how secure these political rapists think they are, because Americans are experiencing the first phases of genocide of their race.

Obama "change you can believe in" is revolution, adulterated and simple. Revolutions are not pretty things, but things of victors and vanquished, and each letting blood of others in most sadistic and violent ways.

None of that has yet begun in a constant form, but it will. It will begin someday and in desperate forms.

The point being Tories inflicted rape and murder on Americans, and Americans inflicted the torch upon the Tories. I just wonder how out on the limb I would be if I was Paul Ryan, promoting Muslims and Latins, in trusting in a police state to protect me, when there are so many armed and unbalanced Americans out there, coming to the point of just wanting to inflict on something.

I do run numbers in this. What the "this" I run numbers on, is the cause and effect ratios of how many Americans with rifles, or clubs, or torches, would it take to put fear into the regime..........how many it would take to cause the police state to close up shop.......how many it would require to have the military shut down.
The cartel runs the same numbers with the looking glass mirror..........odd how the mirror missed San Bernadino for them. The king indeed is naked.

It is a situation now that no journalist can even express anything about a revolt, or Loretta Lynch will Breitbart them. What is most interesting is all the heroes of the right like Ted Nugent, none of them love America enough to place their lives, homes and fortunes for America........but all they do is talk and keep the sheep bleating in the pen.

I would suggest to those thumping Donald Trump and his loyalists, that prudence would be to factor in, that the millions of paid for regime police state thumpers, are not a group to place your lives in. I frankly would keep my mouth shut, rather than antagonize armed people. Then again when the cartel who pays your fortune orders you to come out and rant at Donald Trump, you do have to pay the piper.

What you do not comprehend in all of this, is that when one has Paul Ryan trotting out and the rest of the cast, they have been ordered to......they have been ordered to, because those behind the Muslim and Latin genocide of the White West, are at a point threatening the mob. They have designed this to fracture societies in the West. They are not fearful. They are just signaling they have this to a point of the two scenarios.

Scenario 1: You are murdered by robotics because no one rose up.

Scenario 2: You are murdered by the police state for rising up.

Yes it is the time lines. My Faith is in the Biblical time line. While actually surpassing the globalists in population reduction, it does have Jesus as the Light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a mathematical certainty which is being violated. The more something is resisted, the more it produces a force to compensate completion of the laws which governs it's nature. The tide of nature can not be stopped not can it be diverged from. There are all time lines, and time lines which all viable, but not all time lines are ever meant to be developed.

The zombie is fanning the flame.

If I were me, I would find a number of minutes to pray to God via Jesus, for His Will, His Judgment on this world and His Mercy upon His, with a few examples of witness which is upsetting you. That has more force than a billion Muslim empowering the moon allah, energizing satan.

Have Jesus fight this for you, instead of the firearm venture at this juncture. Use your energy spike in these trolls who are making you emotional, and God will amplify them.

The consumptive consumes itself. The consumptive is being employed not the regenerative.

Remember Whose you are Spiritually. God in you is greater than the it which is in the world.