Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Our Family in Christ

As another Lame Cherry insider conversation in things that matter.

TL has a Quebec artist who sings Christian songs in French and mine is a world where all I can do is feel Joan of Arc speak in French. The nice part about love is that it speaks beyond languages as the greatest voice of all.

I once heard a speaker on a Billy Graham crusade state that he stole a Bible out of a motel. I wonder if stealing unused Lutheran Hymnals from Lutheran Church Missouri Synod churches would be considered a sin as they have that gee whiz new worship book all the apostates just get wide eyed over.
Thank you for the link.

I started out with a King James Bible and still read it, as nothing I ever found was worth anything. The second hand store has lots of Bibles and I constantly am picking them up, as at 40 bucks a sell ye pop, that is more expense than I care to ever have.
In that, I happened upon one I have mentioned in The Book, by Tyndale publishing. I never thought much of it when I picked it up, as some jazzbo had put marker tags on the book, and I like looking at people's Bibles as they always have things stuffed in them, but this translation is the best I have found, as it is easy to understand, and is the one I do my daily Bible reading with.

I was surprised that there are a number of good modern French translations.

I mentioned this years ago, but I started using the Bible as divining instrument. I had no idea until I watched a PBS detective series about Cadfael a monk, that the Catholics have a rite doing this.
It helps a great deal in my Bible studies to ask the Holy Ghost to guide me in opening it, and then to make the interpretation certain.

I do feel humbled by people who think enough to write or donate. I used to get checks on my report card for talking too much in class. Actually I received two checks in each box and was constantly set in the school bus front seat for never shutting up. To have people now actually listening to me and thinking it is worth something is something I have not gotten over. I know the things God says are priceless, and I know this is all God's Workings, but my part in it does not seem worth a plug nickel.
To let you in on things, I do listen hard to God and work hard at this. I do get uneasy about the things which I have been posting. Not the content, but sometimes things feel off. Sometimes it is interference and sometimes I doubt too, as I see new information posted and then it takes some more work to be shown how things fit.

Please know I pray for each of you, and I honestly want better things for you than I would ever have. As TL and I were discussing things the other night, TL was asking about the new heavens, and I just smiled as I replied that I do not invest a great deal of thought into what things will be like, as all I am trying for is to be in Heaven.
I do care about things, and I wonder if I bother God about it all, as there is that New Jerusalem in that 200 mile cube. I do not like cities, and was telling TL that if I had a tree to lay under with maybe Daisy as my pillow, that is all I would want.
Maybe Joan will allow me to sleep under her Fairy Tree sometime.

I see that the devil is busy in not wanting this published, as it froze everything......then again it might be something I published or is about to be published. My elderly system here just does not respond well to being stomped on by an NSA gorilla.

It might be a thing of publishing on the go.

I desire you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless and keep you and those you love, in binding all evil in neutralizing it, to never touch you or your lives. God heal all of you with perfect restoration. May God's Peace be in You, through you and with you always unto life everlasting, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.