Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Listening to image Obama


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I can not state that I never listen to image Obama, as I came in when Mom had on Young and the Restless when Frank Holland from Paris was nattering away at the White House. So today I noticed something on the Homo Hannity bump board in image Obama speaking............when this copy is overseas in Asia and Europe, it has a hitch in it's voice.
This kind of catch is where often Reverse Speech appears, but I have never heard this kind of click in the image or the replicant's voices.

Obama always stuttered allot. He always had UH's or something, but this was almost a click like a Bushman from Africa.

I decided at this moment in writing this to do a inquiry as I wonder what this is.

As reported previously on this blog, after Birther Hussein went room temp on June 13, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, there was the image of Obama summoned in this shapeshifter, and in time there was the image, and these 6 other replicants filling in. The one with the hitch in it's voice is #1 in this series. They let him out apparently in Asia and Europe.
#1 has never been let out of the cage before, meaning for this type of personal contact. It was just appearances previously.

If you can handle it, this skintalker is a Caucasian. He is in the Secret Service. These products are created in New York City at a facility hospital there. Think of it as like a mole, a fungus that is grown on a person, and it generates a likeness of the original. Obama's DNA is the source and the real person is still under there.

The voice is just natural resonance in a like head, produces a like flute sound.......brain patterns are imprinted and overlaid on the victim or your fine regime security employee.

This just happens to be a natural speech pattern in #1 which is normal for a guy with an Obama fungus growing on it.

While this is harmful for the victim in energy depletion, the fungal Obama can  be shed like a fungal tissue, and the person will go back to who they were. No time limits as this is a growing thing like a mole.

I think that is about enough on this fringe technology.