Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Drill with Benefits

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder how things get moved.

Like I have this old red pick up, that TL and I drove 2 years ago, when we were at Mom's for Thanksgiving, and stayed at a primitive cabin at the lake. The reason I am wondering about this, is this pick up sat there all last year as we were not here, and it sat pretty much this year unlicensed.

The reason for the wondering is deer season started, and I was looking  to not get shot by deer hunters. I hate deer hunters, as while I look upon deer hunting as very good virtue, the hunters now either sit in stands or they drive around in expensive pickups on roads, and no one much hunts deer.
Is like the hind leg of a buck we found gnawed by coyotes........yes another bow hunter crippling a deer, too damn dense to know how to track a deer, and the coyotes eating it, and this asshole is out in the wood yet, shooting other deer, because he has not filled.
I repeat I hate deer hunters, even if I am known to do this when I have money to afford the 300 bucks in things associated with it........oh and I hunt, do not sit and do not sit in my 4 wheel drive pickup looking for something to shoot.

So I was looking for the hunter orange so TL and I would not get shot while walking, and TL said, 'I think that orange is in that red pickup". That made sense unless I moved it being considerate in putting things away.

So I checked, and there was the orange........and under it was my Chicago Precision drill, half inch, reversable, that disappeared last year.

These drills out of Harbor Freight are cheap, compared to those 130 dollar Makita things, and I wondered about them, but the one I got for around 35 bucks last year, I have had outside in 18 degree weather, 100 degree weather, and it was screwing in some major tin and star screws, and this thing never missed a beat. It has great torque and I used this thing very hard, and it still runs new.

I had a problem with number 2, in the reverse switch is a little touchy in it will not work if moved a fraction of an inch to forward sometimes, but other than that........the cord not being made for zero degree weather, these drills work fabulous.

With that product review, I still am trying to figure out how this drill got into the pick up. I looked for it last year in the porch..and it was not there. Looked for it in the storage room.....not there either.
If we had used it to build that little tin shed for TL's things, TL would have remembered. It had a quarter inch bit in it........but I just can not remember how it could have got up and walked outside, piled under hunter orange, that I think I remember moving around in the summer 2 years ago.

I dislike what is around here, as the cats all look spooked at us, and I know it is not us. There is something around here scaring things at times......especially cats, now that Ellie is dead.

TL still has not found TL's hat from last year........and there was that little green handled needle nose pliers when we were fixing the chainsaw, and TL was witness I sat that thing down on the pickup endgate when it disappeared.......and I found it off the step of the house.

We do have the drill back now, even if I have no idea how it got where it got.......sans the chuck key.

That entity is a cowardly thing. Skulks and lurks around, never showing itself for a zap of Jesus.

Oh well, I have things to do......sourdough bread to bake and other such things as day is young. I would recommend the cheap tools of Harbor Freight. Over the years I have gotten a 3/4 inch socket set......worked great. Drill bits were good..drills were good.......clamps good. A person could basically buy about all they need for what 2 Makita tools would cost.

To put it this way. I have snapped star screws off with this drill, and it has never stopped. The screws and the bit will wear out before this drill has given out.

Nuff said