Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lurch the Movie

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Troublingly, for some reason Queenie Lurch Malia Obama, the hoochie of the Obama adopted daughters has chosen a career as propagandist. Somehow I am thinking of that talking twat Meghan McCain being handed a radio program for nothing and how bad she is compared to Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin.
Then again there is Chelsea Clinton as a media something........disappearing in a world of inadequacy.

The 17-year-old Malia has her eyes set on becoming the next big filmmaker — a big reason NYU is a leading candidate.
Malia previously interned on the HBO show Girls this past summer. She also reportedly worked as a production assistant on the since-canceled CBS show Extant in 2014.
#BlackGirlMagic is in full effect. We’re wishing the high school senior best of luck in making a decision.

What I am trying to figure out is, will the Oscars and Emmys just hand her awards like the Nobel Prize was handed to Birther Hussein, or will like in radio and other media, they will not be so welcoming to someone ........as Spike Lee is their token Nig, and they awarded him already, so will Spiketard be the one not wanting a peer on his stage when Malia turns out, Shemales Gotta Have It?

Yes, the Pancasial of Propaganda

I mean what kind of film will Malia Pippin, I mean Obama, make or have filmed for her like Bill Ayers did for her adoptive dad in Barack Hussein Obama?

It takes a Muslim: The touching story of a billion Muslims surrounded by a few hundred thousands Christians, using peaceful bombs and beheadings to liberate themselves from a White Christian world.

Daddy was a Vagina: The touching story of Supreme Court case Roe vs Egg, in which a vagina was legally defined as a penis, according to those great legal minds of Kagan and Sotomeyer.

The Love Child: The touching story of 100,000 children, set free from their parents by being ransomed by Muslim males who sexually educated them at age 9 and impregnated them at age 11.

My Wife the Sheep, My Mistress the Camel: Title is self explanatory.

My Husband the Ass, My Consort the Khitan: The touching story of the feminist misogynist.

 I wonder in all the adoration of Lurch Malia, why no one has mentioned that her choice of New York colleges has more to do with her getting hot and taking selfies for that Negroid rap group. I am wondering how much of her fetal tissue is going to be dedicated to Planned Parenthood sales of baby body parts once she gets out from under the adoptive Muchelle and image Obama's control.

I have no doubts that some big money will be leveraged to fund the Lurch movies a few times, but the industry is a place that worships things like Hitchcock's black and white shadows and making propaganda about Jews, Blacks, Sodomites and Sodomites, Blacks and Jews.
That is where the rub is, as it does require some skill to be an Ivan Dixon in directing. Just being an Afroid or just being Amy Carter amounts to little. No one wants to watch a movie a director makes, because people want to see a movie that is directed well. That is something which is not taught, and is why a Lurch movie about legalized pedophilia gets an Oscar, like some perverted shit in The Graduate, but perverts can get that online and offline in the elite, and the elite do not want to share child rape with the masses.

So I would lay Vegas odds, that there is never going to be a Dirty Dozen or a True Lies ever created from Malia Obama, as much as she is never going to be a John Ford or Christian Nyby III.

What Lurch is, is a little girl who wants power, to shape people's thoughts by manipulating them to her will, in fantasy, because she is scared in knowing she could never win in an open debate.
People who live in fantasy creation dislike who they are, feel helpless and want to construct a world they can control.

Little embarrassing forensic psychology on Lurch Obama. Perhaps if enough of her film school classmates who have talent mock her, she will arise to her true calling in being a rich little dirty New York skank, living off the billions her parents skimmed off of Wall Street money dumps.

One can always hope for an EMP pulse or the end of the world, so we do not have to suffer through another worthless offspring of the elite shoving themselves into our lives......like Muchelle Obama's two state size ass.