Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trump Construct

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is of interest that Gerald Celente of Trends Journal is stating that he believes Hillary Clinton will win the presidency, because more skirts vote than jock straps, but he leaves the door open that if Mr. Trump wins, it will be Mussolini.

I know it is the figurative to name any successful despot in the leftist mode of the National Socialists, and the problem being Donald Trump is not a socialist, but is instead an investment capitalist.
If one desires the facts, it was the German industrialists who were capitalists which profited from the National Socialists tapping into the German economic advance funded by taxes.

I wonder about the gender bender though for Hillary, due to the reality, that numbers of women I know and have spoken with are never voting for Hamrod. Most are voting for Donald Trump, most are voting for whatever, and of those, they will all vote for Donald Trump if he secures the nomination.

Women in their hot twats voted for Birther Hussein, as they wanted that dirty political sex to turn them on, like Peggy Noonan. The thing is women are mentally unbalanced enough that when they make a mistake and someone humiliates them, they are not going to trust a dumb bitch the next time around, of the same stupid gender.

Call this the Lame Cherry forensic psychological doctrine of "Obama Twatties keeping their legs cross for Hillary" as they have had enough of this historic firsts, as their first genital Obama infection is something that makes them wince like Gynecologist Big Hands Johnson with cold fingers pabst probing making the little girl jump on the table.

You can not expect a Jew to do the right thing in making up for stealing the election for Obama, but women tend to have a way of wanting to make up for past mistakes. You know like they cheat on their husband with their boss, so they let the husband drop chip crumbs on the carpet during a football game.

Women vote for people like they pick husbands. If times are good, they pick their girlfriends over the husband, but when things are bad, they sell their girlfriends to the pimp at the bar, and go off with the guy with the big wallet.

Personally, I have stated that America needs a strong man. I would hope that Donald Trump was Mussolini or Hitler, to ruthlessly wipe out the ilk. I would love it if Donald Trump was Richard Nixon on dirty tricks, as I advocate this in Donald Trump either starts the backfires or he is going to be incinerated like Ronald Reagan by the Bush insiders.

George Washington had to cleanse his Tories from America. Andrew Jackson went to war against his banker adversaries. Abraham Lincoln was the consummate murderous despot. America needs someone to literally install an order where a Howard Hughes could ruin every political operative, by the operatives own people in order to apply corporal discipline so these types wet themselves.

"Anybody that can buy a computer can donate"

Gerald Celente

It was amusing in listening to Jeff Rense and Gerald Celente noting that no one donates to them for the work they do. I at least feel bad in having a few people donate as I wonder what they are doing without.
I do note though that gas prices getting close to George W. Bush levels of 2008 AD in the year of your Lord, is not because of fuel supply, but because the cartel has economically stolen from your pockets everything. Is why I feel guilty about things, as people have children, have operations, have their own bills, and I am still the girl picking up pennies and dimes off the sidewalk and glad for them as they pay the sales tax when I have to buy things.

America is a nation looted and dead economically. America is in an Obama Super Depression. Whoever inherits this corpse is going to have a cadaver on their hands. Cadavers breed war and terrorism, and America is overflowing with invaders and terrorists. There is a group looking to open up a literal Russian Front, to erase world debt.

What the American future holds is a type of British elitism and the subdued masses. If Hillary Clinton is installed, then America will face an ashen faced zombie, but if Donald Trump achieves the White House, there is going to be an economic engine begun which is going to have to suck the life out of the world, so America survives. The liberal will be aghast at this and the right wing will wince in guilt, but what I am telling you is this.......

Either America revives and survives, while the world eats itself, because the world IS going to eat itself after what the Obama regime has homicidally poisoned the world with, and if America is part of that carnivoria, the world is not going to have anything to resurrect itself in technology, food, finance or leadership. Either America protects itself, or there is going to be a Dark Ages which a thousand years will not undo.
Either America constructs a reich which unfolds into Christ's 1000 year reign or the age which follows this, is going to be scavanger cottage industries of manual labor as Jesus lived in His life.

That is the warning from the Lame Cherry in those feudalists who think they have plotted this out to flourish while the world wastes. It is not going to work out according to the programme as this has never been constructed on a global scale. Immortality in a stone mansion with robots fixing each other is a construct which one realizes too late that having is not the same as lusting.

We shall see.