Sunday, December 27, 2015

More Big Oil Lies Exposed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We continue to post here the information revealing what a bunch of larcenous lies are propagated out of the oil industry, energy industry and whatever else is stealing from your pockets.

You will recall that we were told that Russia and Saudi Arabia needed 100 dollar a barrel oil or they would go bankrupt. Mr. Putin stated, "This will last 2 years and we will be fine", refuting that lie.

Then we heard that Baakan Oil Shale needed 60 dollars a barrel........and wonder of wonders at 47 dollars a barrel, that Big Oil plundering North Dakota is still making money for those oil sluts in the North Dakota regime of spending whores.

Now we come to this quote from Zero Hedge:

As Goldman put it earlier this month, "...we reiterate our concern that 'financial stress' may prove too little too late to prevent the market from having to clear through “operational stress” with prices near cash costs to force production cuts, likely around $20/bbl."

Never mind for a moment that I told all of you that small companies were being leveraged to have them sold on the chopping block to the big tycoons like General Electric, but instead focus on the reality that the margin line is somewhere around 20 dollars a barrel.

That means that if you add the costs of your gasoline for your car, that you have been paying almost 2000 dollars more than you should have since 2000 AD in the year of our Lord. If you add the Obama spiking of electricity, you have been paying 1200 dollars more each in you can add 3500 dollars a year more in being robbed, or you have had stolen from you, in complete Obama oversight, OVER 28,000 dollars since Obama stole the Oval Office.

This IS the focus each of you should be bitching about. This regime and the conglomerates have stolen almost 30,000 dollars from you the past few years......not to mention Obama inflation in high sugar, flour and diary prices.

This IS criminal, and I keep informing you of the absolute published facts that you have been lied to repeatedly. This should be your talking points and the point of hounding all these political whores, as Paul Ryan and image Obama raped you again of another trillion dollars in debt for 2016 in the new legalized robbery called the Ryan Obama budget!

You should be paying 50 cents a gallon, and when Ryan and Obama start selling your oil to foreigners "driving up prices" you should be paying 25 cents per gallon and having those Eurasians paying for your cheap energy.
This is YOUR OIL AMERICA, not the conglomerates, not the regime The BENEFIT should be coming to you, in high prices to foreigners and that includes these invaders in America, while you do not have to pay gas excise taxes or market prices.......let the foreigners fund you for a change!

Nuff said