Sunday, December 27, 2015

To Save Americans From Storm


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I am certain that many of you scoffed and most of you looked askance at this blog when it was revealed that the Christmas storms in America were God's wrath upon American for harboring the image of Obama, and allowing the invader religions which deny Christ in the Jesuit Latins, Muslims with the Ashkenaz financial overlords profiting.

Yet your heads were still shaking when God unleashed more wrath to prove His point and for you to stop doubting what posts here.

Texas was lit up, this time with unheard of snowstorms and once again as I stated historical fact, tornadoes are now not being blocked from Americans cities.
It is a fact which I will repeat, that when America built Churches, the pagan forces of destruction were removed and God with Christ leading the Holy Angels, tamed the weather and protected Americans from the storm.

You should start noticing in this a cause and effect by the news stories which appear in search engines if you will simply observe them.

It seems in this last bit of God's wrath, that Texas was the focal point, and a specific area in Texas, in Garland Texas.

8 people killed in Dallas suburbs in storms that produced ...

Story highlights. Garland police say four fatalities were likely related to the tornado; 18 inches of snow could fall in New Mexico and west Texas

In a simple search of what is in Garland Texas, we discover something was being promoted in Garland Texas, denying Jesus as Lord.

Thousands Protest Muslim Conference in Garland | NBC 5 Dallas ...

Thousands of protesters and counter-protesters held American flags and signs outside of a Muslim conference in Garland, Texas, on Saturday night.

Not only Muslim conferences embraced by the greater Dallas area, but Garland was the site of the attempted mass slaughter of Americans led by Pamela Gellar.

Now in cause and effect, we can view what took place in other areas of Texas which did not have tornadic storms and in other areas of the South which had engaged in what the American regime would be called hate crimes.

Hecklers Cheer Burning Of Tennessee Mosque At Muslim Outreach ...

Hecklers Cheer Burning Of Tennessee Mosque At ... at the mention of a local mosque being burned to ... looking down the barrel of a shotgun ...

So Houston is spared and Garland is targeted, and the instigator of this appears by cause and effect, as people can not generate tornadoes to attack cities, to be the Lord God of Heaven, engaging in what the American regime would be termed "hate crimes".

It is an interesting cause and effect really. Americans are criminalized for protecting the Christian foundations of America, as those people burning down mosques would be in prison for 20 to life for "terrorism", but it would appear by evidence, that God saves cities from harm, if they get the allah out of them by actions which would be frowned and criminalized on by the American regime in Phineas of the Bible, whom God praised.

I am interested in this from a scientific perspective, as the Holy Ghost moved me to write concerning the Samaritans being eaten by lions as wrath from God, for bringing in other god's to Israel, and when people scoffed, here came a second wave of fury from God's wrath to prove His point, which is probably going to be discounted again "as this can not be".

My Bible reading this morning from the Holy Ghost was in Jeremiah the Prophet, in the fall of Judah and Israel with this warning again:

"Again and again, the Lord has sent you His Prophets, but you have not listened or even tried to hear. Each time the message was this, "Turn from the evil road you are traveling and from the evil things you are doing. Only then will I let you be in this land that the Lord gave to you and your ancestors  forever. Do not make me angry by worshipping the idols you have made. Then I will not harm you."

Jeremiah the Prophet.
Chapter 25

There you have the cause and effect according to Scripture. There is only One American God, Who is the Father, the Son Jesus and Their Holy Ghost, uniting all the Spiritual Family of God.
America has removed Christ from the Government He endowed and removed Christ from Christmas, in bowing to false messiah's and tolerances of Godless cults from Jewry, to Islam, to Yoga to Obama Marxism.

You probably need reminding that the American Spirits were unleashing a great deal of terror on 1600 Penn Avenue at the start of this, smashing trees down and blowing Presidential Seals off of limos. Americans arrogantly and cowardly continued on the path to make God angry, and now for Christmas, they indulged in their paganism and apostasy, and the net result is below zero cold in the north with storms and snow with tornadoes in the south.

Once again there will be those who scoff at the cause and effect based upon Biblical foundations. I simply am moved to point out the above in the cause and effect, as the odds of these events taking place twice in a period of less than a week, at specific locations are millions to one, and yet the events coordinated by Intelligent Design have manifested.

allah does not belong in America. it is a moon force in apparition of satan. it is death and that is why death follows it. The Ashkenaz "god" of finance in Jewry is not an American god, nor is God a God without His Creative Thought of Christ. That goes for Godless Marxism and whatever else witchcraft or mindcraft of Yoga is polluting America in making God furious with this entire nation.

It will be interesting to observe the cause and effect of this from a scientific perspective, for even California with mud slides and snows, has wild fires again shutting down it's Godless multi cultural vistas.

May God's Will be accomplished as the regime can criminalize God, but they are not going to be able to haul Him into court and sentence Him to prison.

If you do not want the Living God's destruction and fury poured out in His wrath, remove all other deities from the land, and bow only to God in following His Law. That manifests Peace, Joy and Love.

I warned you rich thieves about stealing from this blog in not donating. When the Great Tribulation generates, your money will not spare you. Tick tock, Tick tock.

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...Or your Christian God.