Sunday, December 6, 2015

Odds of Muslim Response to Obama Response to San Bernadino

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well, it seems someone is not pleased with the Lame Cherry blog in having "Whoops that's an error" message. Such a world when I have the information and now the rich do not have anything but "Whoops" with all those rich dead in the sites of so many things brewing to put them in housing 6 feet under the grass level.

Alas if only that 350, 000 donation had appeared from the thieving rich.

The Lame Cherry in private conversation is most interested in, the last twice times that image Obama had declared the world safe and terrorists all tits up, Paris gets a blood soaking, and San Bernadino goes American Mutton too.

Meaning will the competitive terrorists who Obama has been calling bad, while rewarding the regime's good terrorists, take up the gauntlet and really humiliate image Obama by doubling down for a good solid bullet spray or some other mass slaughter, so the regime will not call it a terror event either.

Inquiry states there is an 83% chance a terror event will take place to humiliate the ISIS Pal image Obama, and 100% chance that an event which is not terrorists will be engaged in, in answer to the image Obama. This is the matrix wave and emotions are high......probably all those dead Obama voters pissed off in being made Mutton for Obama droning Muslims who would not be dope lords and giving Syrian oil to community organized terrorists.

Now why would anyone in with murderous powers, not want information like that posted.......and things were going so well in the posts, and just like that it all melts down.

Le Sighs*