Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jimmy Cancerfree Carter

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder who Jimmy Carter blackmailed?

Cancer's gone, Jimmy Carter tells Sunday School class | Fox News

Former President Jimmy Carter told his Sunday School class that his cancer is gone, just months after announcing his brain cancer diagnosis.

It is an amazing thing that two of my neighbor's dads both had brain cancer and died from it. My Beloved Uncle died of brain cancer, so much so that when the doctors gave him chemo, it floored them as the chemo fed it they said, and he died in weeks.

It is an amazing thing that my friend's Mom just died of pancreas cancer, another friend from Ohio's brother in law died from pancreas cancer in weeks.........and there is old Ruth Bader Ginsburg alive with pancreas cancer after a decade.

Odd how even Teddy Kennedy went tits up on schedule with brain cancer on schedule, but there is Jimmy Carter with another miracle of the liberal the Rockefellers never get cancer, but do get 6 hearts replacing their old ones from only bribes know where.

Yes the Obama regime giveth cancer to Hugo Chavez and the Obama regime taketh away cancer from Jimmy Carter.

I sincerely hope my expose' did not save Jimmy Carter.  I sincerely mean that.