Monday, December 7, 2015

Outlaw Islam

As another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

The Lame Cherry bases all of the Doctrines upon historical fact and in this, the Lame Cherry advocates outlawing Islam in these disUnited States, banning Islamic worship, mosques and the deportation of Muslims to reservations in their respective places of nativity.

For the ignorant who are puzzled at this, in being brainwashed that America is a place of religious freedom or that no one could be deported for being another religion other than Christian, I will provide you historical reality for Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Harrison and Franklin Roosevelt all engaged in removing terrorists who practiced religions which made genocide on Christian Americans.

The most infamous of these acts were Andrew Jackson deporting the Cherokee and seizing their lands, due to the fact that a few years earlier, they had engaged in genocide with European powers on American Christians in the Ohio Country.

President Harrison, was leader of America when a new terror movement arose in the Western United States, which called for the extermination of White Christian Americans, with the summoning of dead Indian spirits to replace the Americans. It was called the Ghost Dance, and the chief terrorist in America, Sitting Bull of the Sioux was using this movement based upon a fraud Paiute Indian, to start another plains war on innocent Americans.
The Ghost Dance was banned, but this terror movement began war skirmishes with the US military, and the tribe of Big Foot at Wounded Knee, became hostile when a medicine man, started telling the Indians that the military bullets would not harm them, and thug began the military defending itself from another Little Big Horn in the massacre of the Indians.

President Franklin Roosevelt engaged in 1941 a concentration camp imprisoning of the ancestors of the American Indian, in the Japanese, due to the attack upon Pearl Harbor instigated by FDR, to begin war with Japan.
In this, the Japanese lands of the San Joaquin Valley were confiscated and most of the Japanese returned to Japan after the war ended in 1945. The Japanese religion was one of the Emperor of the Sun, being a god, and complete obedience to that diety upon earth in complete genocidal warfare.

There are numerous instances of religious movements being crushed in America, when terror events appeared from those movements. What followed  was a conversion or expulsion of these terrorists, a banning of their religion and seizing their property. Violence in religion was stamped out vigorously in these United States, and the Government protected the Christian completely.

In South Dakota, from the Ghost Dance terrorism, there is still a law on the books, that anyone may shoot Indians if they are walking down the street in groups of 3 or more, as they are considered a war party.

So there is a basis for the banning of Islam in America, removing ever mosque, destroying every koran, deporting every Muslim and seizing all Islamic property, as it is the Constitutional American right to do these things.

American Law was once used to protect the American Christian and prosecute ruthlessly all terrorists. In the age of Obama though, the regime is intimidating Americans of all sorts and protecting the terrorists. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a bastardized religion of bigotry and racism which appeals to diseffected malevolent males, who have a fetish to be dominated by venomous females, and in this cesspool of hatred, terrorists are produced by Islam.

There is a reality of forensic psychology which President Theodore Roosevelt wrote of in the American West. In his observations, he noted that a petty thief in Illinois would upon venturing west, become a notorious robber. The quarreler would become a homicidal maniac. The lawlessness of the American West was a license to the weak and promoted their flaws. That is exactly what Islam is. Islam is filled with enablers of the violent. The history of it, is filled time and again with massive terrorism. The propaganda produced by oil soaked Muslim billionaires buying good press in western liberal media, does not change that fact, and it does not change the fact that Islam produces Nidal Hasan's of Fort Hood and Syed Farook's of San Bernadino, in American Muslims, who are converted by the mass psychology of terror to murder Americans.

It is the right of Americans to outlaw  Islam, and if those insitutions of the regime, who are traitors by cartel oil money, offering up innocent Americans to the slaughter, these institutions and traitors are already outlawed and should face the full penalty of the US Law also.

Islam is illegal. It does not make any difference if it is a religion or a psycho sociopathic inducement of violence to the corrupt soul, because in every instance in American history, the legal reality, upheld by all three branches of the United States Government protected the Citizen and used every method to exterminate that movement from the United States.

Islam is not any different than handing a loaded gun to a coke head chanting for them to pull the trigger. Islam is not a religion. It is a criminal movement of terror awaiting for an event to act upon by it's own murderous hand.

Those are the historical and legal facts. Outlaw Islam, demolish all mosques, deport all Muslims and seize all their property, because that is how American survived other terror movements. Democrat Andrew Jackson, Republican Benjamin Harrison and Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt implemented those policies completely to protect and defend Americans.
The liberal winces at such history, which they have been enriched themselves with, but America would not have survived if terrorists and their religions had not been allowed to finish genocide on Americans.

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