Monday, December 7, 2015

Merry Christmas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog is difficult to complete on several levels. The worst is I have found myself relying on people who I look upon as literal family and for God's reasons they are propping it up financially. I pray God rewards them in this life and the next for their kindness. It is very hard though, because I was raised to be self reliant and I am the one who is supposed to be doing the good things.
It bothers me and grieves me that I can not do more, and that I am in this position. I feel more like a coyote snatching bits off a kill, than anything respectable. I am thankful and grateful, but more than anything I would that people could just keep the money God gives them and they could enjoy it as that would please me greatly.

Last night this blog disappeared. A few others were having problems when I checked, so I did not inquire if it was Google housekeeping or they were a cover and someone was up to something here.
I watch this blog in feed flow a great deal. Even when I do have access to 4G, it lags as I have so much surveillance on it.. Then a day like yesterday, when I was posting multiple pictures and things for a LCMS expose' everything posted with ease. That to me says that someone wants the San Bernadino information published, and I am in the middle of something large again. It means that an overlord has removed the surveillance and they want this all out, because it is exposing the Nigger's heal of the Obama regime.

....and for those who jump to ignorant conclusions as to why would Lame Cherry throw Nigger into a story to be racist........the answer is, when I do things like that, other powerful people who are reading this blog and repeating what is here, will never repost my work, because it has all those trip wire words in it. So Nigger appears and I have my words repeated, but my work in God stays here.
Plus using the forbidden words, makes them common, and then all the minders trying to shut you up, have to deal with your expanded vocabulary.........see if Lame Cherry is out on the extreme, then maybe you are not so extreme being normal.
All part of the operation.

It requires a great deal of energy too, to construct this blog. It requires energy to lock into God and draw the information out, plus it is a point I never did progress much beyond 50 word a minute typing from high school. So articles require time, and I require reading, and that requires my posting things which are interesting in explaining them, the religious teachings and then the pulling people out of the abyss in  Tashfeen Malik, when everyone was jumping to the conclusion the man was in charge.

Just a thought, it is odd is it not that Jerry Brown and image Obama's child welfare has not swept in and grabbed the Muslim baby from the Gram.........if it was that Gonzalez kid in Florida, Janet Reno could not kidnap him for Castro at gun point fast enough.

I digress.

My day so far has been upheaval and the normal doing chores, breakfast, getting sourdough ready......TL is kindly cleaning some pumpkin seeds we had drying, Mom is checking into welfare, we went for a walk, petted kitties as they require it, and somehow an owl that might have had a part in murdering Jubal, ended up dead, and the cats ate him.
I am sitting here trying to figure out the rest of the day......might be cooking up some chicken necks and ribs to debone them and put them into some kind of something to stretch that food. Oh this is the good thing on that, if you ever have beef, chicken or turkey bones, you can bake them in water, and the marrow protein will render out and you can use that as the best stock what you  buy in the store, but this is more jelly like and more healthy.

I am pleased that in a few days the days start getting longer as I am looking for spring.

Until then, it is the blessing that all of you have a joyous, safe, healing and well Christmas and new year. With all that is taking place, there is no reason to be upset or worried. Just one day at a time, enjoy the adventure and be pleased with the good things.
I am more fortunate than most people, but most people never know they can travel and do things in never leaving home. Like some friends are going to be in Canada, and I pick up how pretty Quebec is, especially the scents. Everyone can do this, and everyone picks up experiences from others. I do not smoke and yet I can scent that from other friends. It is always a warm feeling with everyone, because at heart there is goodness.

I was out around midnight the other night and the coyote pups were either in the pasture or on the road. They yap in joy, and I tell them to go away. They challenged me this time, as the bitch or old dog was there. The adult calls them for assembly, and then they usually run away. That night they ran over to my neighbor's yard. I do not know how he can sleep at night as the old dog was howling the assembly and the pack was raising hell there for awhile. I can tell where they are in most cases, as the I can hear for a few miles and the neighbor dogs will bark when the coyotes are quiet.
I would rather not have them, nor the other predators due to the little things we have around here, but I do enoy listening to these characters being so smug. When I provide them jewelry or administer lead to them, their smugness always disappears.

This is though about a Merry Christmas, and each of you enjoying what joy there is in life in each moment. There is always something there to be pleased with as even when cussing a jar of corn seeds falling off my desk, there is the joy that I can at least see the mess clean it up.

I do have to get going, but I have so much to be thankful for. I am not Jessica Alba. I am not a Muslim. I am not lots of things.

God bless and keep all of you.........oh and Baby Belle and Baby Daisy, they are in the falling down barn we fixed up, but probably in an oversight on my part, the bulls got in with them, and I do not think any problems were created.......other than Belle bucking, running away and kicking from me in her new freedom of being with the big cows.
I informed her this morning she has used up a month of good will. She understood in her vacuous teenager expression of not quite getting why it was wrong to run she did the other day and came back when she discovered that snow on the ground hides corn the chickens were eating and she was cleaning up before it snowed.

Considering a hotel or home in Judea had no heat, no water, probably mice and rats.........I think baby Jesus had it about even in a sleeping on some straw in a feed trough. Boaz and Ruth were sleeping in the barn at harvest, so a barn with critters was probably warmer than a house........probably quite comfy to have a furry donkey to heat you up.

nuff said.