Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pimpin' Cruz is Coming to Town

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am trying to figure out why Ted Cruz jumped to the conclusion that a cartoon concerning his offspring, children of a Canadian parent and an American mother trying to do away with the United States for the Can Mex Am globalist state, that the Washington Post was stating that his daughters were "trained" as in monkeys, because the cartoon has them on leashes and that does not seem trained to me.

I agree with the Washington Post that Ted Cruz whores his children. I featured the photo he posed for in prostituting his daughter at the Donald Trump Debate. That photo did not just happen, but it was agreed to by the sperm donor and egg donor parents in the Cruz's.

I am more interested in why it is, that George W. Bush could be posed as a chimp, his daughters as lewd women, that for some reason Ted Cruz complains and his political satire photos come down immediately in the liberal press.

What is puzzling though is the Washington Post, drew Ted Cruz as a sort of Bruce Jenner, in the Fag who came to Christmas, and Ted Cruz had no problem with that......appealing the Log Cabin Fags.

It is ok for Ted Cruz to pimp his girls, but not ok for the Washington Post to point out Ted Cruz is pimping his daughters. It is ok for Ted Cruz to be drawn as a fag, but there is no call for Ted Cruz to be drawn as a fag from Ted Cruz.

It seems to be like all Obama's little princesses, that only daddy can use them for political prostitution. I wonder in the above photo if Ted Cruz made certain all those creepy looking old men were not pedophiles.......or if large campaign donations from billionaires just makes that part of the deal.

You did get the ORGAN GRINDER PART which the Washington Post cartoonist was talking about in selling it on the streets of DC right?

Telnaes, who won a Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning in 2001, had no immediate comment on the cartoon being pulled, but posted a link on Twitter late Tuesday to an article titled "Organ Grinders and Their Monkeys Once Entertained on DC Sidewalks."

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