Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas in Good Hearts Everyone

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I received these two emails today and God bless each of you for your goodness, because TL and I had to be in town again today, and TL said, it just did not feel like Christmas as I mentioned before.
I noticed Karen in the below message noted that too, and Jeff Rense said the same thing on the West Coast in it just feels like the Christmas Spirit is gone from America. We said Merry Christmas to numerous people, and some only replied in an afterthought.

I do believe that as America has exiled God in the majority, that God's Spirit has left America to it's Obama devices. That though can not take Christmas out of our nighttime walks in the stars and moon, as that feels like Christmas to us.

I am more amused that TL's family, in her mom did send a card with some money for TL, but no mention of me or addressed to me.......of course there are always things to be cheered by in TL's 30 something sister was dragged to the mother's Christmas party and they had to pose with Santa. I could see that was a real joyous bolt for the door moment in subtle messages. I might as well laugh about such things as that is the best.

Our Christmas is going to be our evening tradition of hot rum, with honey and cream..........we will watch George C. Scott as Scrooge, do the Bible reading in Luke, and open presents.
We did splurge in having charcoal beast this year.........I am most overjoyed that our neighbor is going to sell us some forage for the cattle.......they are inhaling that feed like air and that was my main worry. That taken care of, I will be able to sleep better.

I wanted to say something to Jeff in what he mentioned below in the other letter. Please, and I sincerely mean this, please none of you ever feel guilty about doing well, being blessed and enjoying what God has rewarded you for your work. I am delighted that you go on vacations and have fun with your families. I think it is wonderful that you have money to build a swimming pool. I know the children will love it and that is the greatest of gifts.
The difference in Jeff and Karen is they appreciate their rewards from God and never overlook that like most of you who have contacted us.
There is difference between enjoying what you work for before the Lord, and those who post non stop pictures on Facebook to piss on others to prove they are better than other people.

God has been providing a little extra for me lately and I wanted to send some your way to help you out this Christmas. You do so very much for me and all of us who read your blog each and every day. I feel very guilty sometimes that my wife and I had a very good year financially and have been able to go on a vacation and put in a swimming pool. I know that God is providing and do not take it for granted and want to help others that God compels me to help.

Karen's point is valid in the way people are such ghastly liars now. I remember my neighbors were poor as dirt, and had some medical issues, and a fundraiser was thrown for other neighbor noted they bought snowmobiles for themselves.........the other neighbor said, "I would have liked a snowmobile too."
That is why I am always careful with money, even if it is an issue of I earn it by working here, because people are good enough to donate it, and when I know they have children, have bills, have their own problems in life, I am not about to use any money to violate that trust.
The issue of stealing from homeschoolers is horrid though as Karen noted, but then as I was looking at puppies  around the country on Craigslist, I read where one guy gave a litter he had to a woman who swore she was going to give them away to family.........yeah she was selling them for like 50 bucks a piece.

I started donating my used homeschooling items almost 2 years ago, and not only 1 person has passed on the numerous books and applications I sent for free. I caught one person selling a new set of expensive math CD learning (Teaching Textbooks) on another forum. People crying "we are so broke, husband lost job, just pulled kids from school...need everything". Yeah. I'm going to send you 2 thousand dollars of curriculum you will sell at a
profit somewhere else. Then you see pictures of said families on various vacations--*after* husband lost job. So I get the anger, the disgust.

Someone once said when the majority of Americans were honest, then America prospered. When Americans are dishonest, then the country has problems. I tried to do something right today and every when we were parked on a street, a gal pulled in beside us, and she had a handicapped sticker..........she was on crutches, but looked healthier than me........TL said sometimes those stickers are temporary, but when we were standing in line at another store, she came in behind us, and I told her to go ahead of us. I at least live in an area of "White Polite" yet, in she was protesting that she was ok.......I told her to go ahead, and she did.
I was not going to be standing in line with a woman in crutches behind me....or I should say the Holy Ghost was not going to allow that.

I feel sorry for America and the world, that it has lost all of the German Christmas cheer........the Donna Summer joy of being saved in her Christmas songs. We seem to be trapped in a Dickens Christmas now in most of us are Tiny Tim and there is not a Scrooge with a heart to be found to change.
It is not going to stop me though from being joyful, as good things are there, and if the world is playing some kind of satanic sinister frequency in no one is putting up Christmas lights and it looks sullen.........I have my white chicken on the floor, that now talks to us, and while the footies are still a bit stiff, he is going to make it, it looks like.
He should as he ate my citron seeds I was saving today. It is a most wonderful time of the year.

God bless us everyone!!!