Thursday, December 10, 2015

Please Let Me Be Understood

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I share this story as it was amusing, in TL and Mom were laughing about it, as it fits my warped sense of humor that apparently only the Holy Ghost understands.

The Viking recently underwent surgery for a hip replacement. He is now quite bionic and has been one of the people who has been a great help as he writes of things about the Baby Girl, Mommy and his life, which in American fashion have an amusing side in the suffering. It is how the "Germanics" survive hardship.

So the Viking is in the hospital and showing the nurse this blog, and it is one of the Christian posts, and what pops up next, but the post about, "Yes but did anyone ejaculate into a Pig's Mouth?"
The Viking apologized tonight for this, but I should be apologizing to the Viking, as there is nothing worse than having the kid do something embarrassing after the adult in the room brags them up.

The nurse laughed as it was funny. The best part about Inspired by God is shifting gears to make the mind retain what it is being infused with .

I get numbers of insulting comments about this blog, as people always post caveats as the blog is something many feed on, but are embarrassed by in their circles for the things I do. I have always had stick up their asses condescend to me, as I had to survive with humor, and I have always mocked the experts.
I once had this Anglican theologian who had his head up his ass call me vacuous.
Yeah God talks to me and I am the one who is vacuous.

I enjoy being amused, and finding people who can deal with me. I have to go back to work now, as this faux Star  Trek with Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the background.........they have ruined the story lines, and I can honestly say that Star Trek Continues is equal to it, and that one is for free.

I should put this out there, that if there is some billionaire out there, with 10 million to give their worthless child some accomplishment, I will make them a star as you can use Star Trek trademarks as long as there is no profit in it. No donation, but a selfish investment in your brat who is going to be made to behave as part of the deal, but there will not be any ejaculating into pig mouths.

I am thankful for laughter as this world does not have enough of that.