Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thee Hussein that keeps on Giving

As another exclusive in matter anti matter.

One of the friends of this blog sent a note about WMD's and the Obama ISIS comrades in if any were in locally in America.
Inquiry pointed to a positive and the joyful news that these weapons were acquired in Syria when Obama blew the nation up, and this is part of Saddam Hussein's old stockpiles.
Yes the weapon of liberal mouth destruction against George W. Bush and now appearing in part in America.

Inquiry makes 80 pounds of biologicals. Weapons stores are primarily small pox. Lesser quantity of anthrax.

Inquiry points to 2000 pounds of a nerve toxin, unspecified.

The cargoes came into Mexico, west coast by ship. They entered the United States by train into Texas.

The chemicals are all in one location. The biologicals are in dispersed locations.

Chemicals are in Minnesota.

Biologicals are in New York and Ohio. Increasing the stocks of small pox are taking place there.
The facilities are in cities and in private residences, not Muslim training centers.

No date has been set on their use.

It must be comforting to have biological labs in liberal enclaves. Inquiry points to these labs are known of by the regime.