Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reagan's Towering Trump

Michael Reagan you had better check with Step Mum if want to continue this
Reagan and the Pedophile


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

"Watching the Reagan boys tear the memory of their father, President Reagan, in Junior says Reagan is no George Bush and Michael saying that Donald Trump is the least like Ronald Reagan, is only an asset to those forces destroying America."

- Lame Cherry

I am going to preface this by stating, I think the Reagan children were blessed in having parents like Jane Wyman and Ronald and Nancy Reagan. So much so, that I admire their good qualities and loathe their unwholesome qualities.

It is that point of Michael Reagan in this typical sniping at Donald Trump in becoming as shrill as anything in leftist media, that this child of Reagan, requires being defined for what he is, a rich child, who is as held in bondage of a 1980's dream as Rambo was a bad movie.
Michael Reagan's attacks upon Donald Trump and Americans are shrill, without remedy and unAmerican.

Trump is awful — for America and for the Republican Party. But we've known that for months.
What bothers me even more than the stupid things the billionaire says, however, are the cheers I hear from the crowds at his packed events.
I know those hardcore Trump Yahoos are not all Republicans or conservatives. But when they go nuts over something as idiotic as Trump's plan to keep out Muslims, it's scary to me -- very scary.
Someone needs to tell the Trump Yahoos we're not in a war against the world's 1.2 billion Muslims.

Michael Reagan is stuck in time, like the Rockefeller patricians, the Bob Michael lapdogs or the Reagan Shining City on a Hill. That era of hope has been destroyed by the Obama regime and trying to fit Ronald Reagan into this era is a mistake, as great as the Bush nation building was, gleaned from the Roosevelt Truman era a generation previous after World War II.

I have never met Michael Reagan, but I admire his staunch defense of his father, a man I admire greatly for his leadership. I will not though allow Michael Reagan to snipe from the bushes in attempting as some elitist to define Trump supporters as "TRUMP YAHOOS".

As this millionaire, son of a millionaire, with doors opened to him for his name, in Michael Reagan, can not grasp, is that Americans have been tortured, abused, abandoned and lied to by the establishment and the entire GOP, as much as the DNC. To term a Trump supporter as a YAHOO is akin to Michael Reagan terming a woman or a child raped as a WHORE.

Mr. Reagan can attempt his line of "We are not at war with Islam", but the fact is Islam is at war with Americans, and is busy in Scandinavia mass raping women to the extent that they are dying their blonde hair brown, as Muslims prefer to rape blondes.

This is the defense of civilization, as nothing 3rd world Obama or in Islam is civilized. That is why it is termed 3rd world and Islam, as no second or first world peoples would ever survive in having Islam as their ruling definition, as there is no Christ, "Peace on Earth Goodwill toward me" in Islam, as it is "War on earth and murder the infidel".

It is the greatest of disappointments in having another Reagan child, ruin their father's legacy another tarnished mud smear, when America needs a Michael Reagan involved in the Donald Trump campaign to take America back, and to form it on the Shining City on the Hill. What Mr. Reagan has now accomplished in attacking Mr. Trump, is forever shutting that door in Donald Trump and his  thoughtful supporters never will give audience to Mr. Reagan again.

America is in the throws of a revolution which the Obama regime has inflicted upon her people, and if Mr. Reagan thinking he is immune to revolution, he should remember that his words will come back to try him in a People's Court as that of a traitor in a Robespierre time.

It is going to require an American with an arc to weld this nation back together, and not the Michael Deaver feel good flags. We do not have the Soviet luxury any longer, but now have a Bush Obama abuse of Russia that the Kremlin is nuclear fighting mad, as China is nuclear fighting mad, as Islam is nuclear fighting mad, and all of these nations, including the Obama regime is promoting some form of Islam at war, and Michael Reagan is a fool for his pie in the sky, Little Miss Sunshine, pontifications about his fantasy world.

Mr. Reagan, you termed the Lame Cherry a "Yahoo". I will inform you something sir, in the Lame Cherry weighed this out in God's Grace in the balances over a year ago. I assessed this was a Bush Clinton stage act, and while others ran with that, I instead was moved on a process to accomplish two objectives:

1. Removing Jeb Bush.

2. Defeating Hillary Clinton.

Providing Mr. Reagan, an election without theft, the Lame Cherry has accomplished the first part upon the one weapon which could accomplish this in Donald Trump, while you were busy Tweeting to your favorite Jebcaver.

Michael Reagan, you are as vacuous of history and the present as, I was going to say your dead father, but Ronald Reagan from Heaven is certainly aware of this dire situation for America, and it was someone's prayers who rose this Jehu from the midsts to drive furiously for America.
So Michael Reagan, you can speak for the dead, but perhaps the Spirits of America in Heaven from Washington to Reagan, are the prayers behind the arisen Donald Trump, who has outplayed every one of those lying traitors in the political wings which have made a prey of Americans.

Perhaps Michael Reagan, no greater refutation of your poison keyboard is that you have now been joined by the arch enemy of the Western Peoples, the great Nation Rapist, George Soros.

It appears The Establishment has decided to bring in the big guns to dislodge The GOP's nightmare scenario as Donald Trump goes from strength to strength in the polls. Writing in an op-ed for The Guardian, billionaire puppet-master George Soros urges Americans "to resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump," adding that "the terrorists and demagogues want us to be scared. We mustn’t give in."
Authored by George Soros, originally posted at The Guardian,

Perhaps Mr. Reagan, you should consider the devil's own you have joined with and the Obama's own  you have become, as when you are now joined at the toilet with George Soros, something is wrong with you Michael Reagan, and not Donald Trump or his Patriots.

Michael Reagan is the Miss Havasham disgrace to the legacy of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, in being dressed in costume to an era no longer a Shining City on a Hill, but a 95 million unemployed Americans with 100 million invaders imported to replace the people Ronald Reagan stood for.
Go play with Pip in your short pants Michael and leave this to the adults. You lost your cover boy, do not press this or Ronald Reagan will have his legacy taken from him too.