Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Religious Tools of Satan


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"Religion is the greatest wall separating people from God, and theologians are the worst spiritual assassins ever devised by satan."

- Lame Cherry

This is a discourse on the tools of satan in every religion.

It begins with the example of the Vatican in the words of Pope John Paul II, exposing a schism in the Catholic religion. What was at stake here was the Bishops were convened and a movement by the Vatican had been started to create a new catechism to teach Catholics the fundementals of the Faith.
Into this entered the theologians, the great tools of satan, who denounced this as old fashioned and went on to challenge the Code of Canon Law.

What follows are the synopsis recorded by John Paul II.

"In 1985, the twentieth anniversary of the Council's closing, an extraordinary Synod of Bishops was convened. I bring this up brecause from that Synod came the idea of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Some theologians, at times whole groups, spread the notion that there was no longer a need for a catechism, that it was an obsolete means of handing down faith, and therefore should be abandoned.
They also expressed the opinion that it wouldbe impossible to create a catechism for the universal church. These were the same groups that had earlier judged the Code of Canon Law, already call for by John Paul XXIII, as useless and inappropriate."

Page 164
A Dialogue of Salvation
Crossing the Threshold of Hope
John Paul II

"In a relatively brief time he great synothesis was completed. The entire Church truly had a role in this. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, deserves particular credit in this regard. The Catechism, published in 1992, became a best seller worldwide, proving the great demand for this type of text, which at first glance might seem to be of limited interest only."

Page 164
A Dialogue of Salvation
Crossing the Threshold of Hope
John Paul II

So we witness that the theologians, were behind a movement to turn the Catholic religion back to what it once was before Martin Luther, in a religion where the elite knew all the secrets and the people were an ignorant mob being enslaved.
In this case, we see why Cardinal Ratzinger arose to the status of Pope Ben, as he was the leading force in handing religious teaching back to the people who were starving for the guidance in how to be a devout Christian.

I was trained in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, in the familiar hymnal of 1941, which was the esteemed and inspired translation of the original German hymnal. This was a most Inspired and Beautiful book of worship, but the theologians and the ignorant leadership of LCMS started tampering with the worship service which was perfect in replacing this Holy Ghost Inspired Hymnal.
It became so apostate, that these blasphemous tools of satan, were changing the words in hundreds of year old songs. NO ONE has the right to change the work of any artist of God. It would be like the LCMS getting a hold of the Mona Lisa and touching it up with their paint brushes.
It was a disgusting, repulsive and absolutely non artistic assault, as it took beautiful verses in songs, and made them cold and ugly.

This is the history of the Lutheran Hymnal and then it's contamination by satan. As you can understand, that after this group of scholars started tampering with it, they have been "fixing" it every few years. There is now talk of a newer hymnal in 2040 as that of course will be the LCMS hymal to surpass all worship.

1847— Kirchengesangbuch fur Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemeinden ungeanderter Augsburgischer Confession— (German)(Hymnal for Evangelical-Lutheran Congregations of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession) 
With the encouragement of Dr. C.F.W. Walther, the first president of the Lutheran Chruch—Missouri Synod, the Kirchengesangbuch was the first hymnal produced for this newly formed church body.  This hymnal was published in German since this was the
language spoken in the worship life of these congregations.

1941—The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH)
The first English hymnal produced by the LCMS through the efforts of the Intersynodical Committee on Hymnology and Liturgics for the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical
 Conference of North America.   It was authorized for use by the Synodical Conference. 


1982—Lutheran Worship (LW)
The 1979 convention adopted the recommendations of the Special Hymnal Review Committee and, in 1982, the new hymnal for The LCMS was published under the name Lutheran Worship.  LW is adopted by the LCMS as it’s first official hymnal.
1998—Hymnal Supplement 98 (HS-98)
With the encouragement of Dr. A. L. Barry, tenth president of the Lutheran
Chruch—Missouri Synod, the Commission on Worship in 1997 announced plans to produce a new hymnal combining the best of both hymnals as well as new material.  HS-98 was published as a foretaste of the upcoming hymnal scheduled
for release in 2007.

2006—Lutheran Service Book (LSB)
LSB is adopted as the second official hymnal by the 2004 Synodical Convention by
88% of the delegates.  It is published ahead of schedule in the summer of 2006, ready to begin the new Church year with Advent.

When I mentioned to the clergy who was refusing to be our pastor unless he doused us with bloody righteousness in his communion, that I disliked this hymnal, his response was that he really liked it.
The LCMS took away my worship and spat upon every Saint from Johan Christian Bach to Martin Luther, in throwing away and altering their work to adore God. Of course, the Missouri Synod intellectuals are so much more gifted than Christians named Bach, as all of us know these LCMS types by name as they have changed the world so much.
That is satire.

It does not matter if it is Methodists or American Lutherans putting sodomites in the pulpit, to Islam being trounced by a new wave of thuggery which surpasses the butchery, pedophilia and enslavement of Muhammed, because it is all the same.
The reality of "radical Islam" is that what is being progressed by Wahabism to ISIS in the secular regimes is a return to Islam's original roots of satanic genocide.

It is a reality that the adjective "religious" intellectual, "religious" theologian, "religious" scholar, are wolves in sheep's frock. Meaning you can place in the correct adjective of satanic intellectual, satanic theologian and satanic scholar, and be absolutely correct as there is nothing of God in this.
Whenever you have anyone casting aside the foundations of Faith, it is a work of satan and not God.

If you desire to know God, read the Bible. If you care to expand upon the revelations of St. Paul, then there is John Huss, John Wycliffe, John Calvin and Martin Luther, who all published a great deal of Christian material in sermons and books.
If you desire hymns, there are reams of them and the best is the Old German translated to the 1941 Hymnal, all accessing an era of that 1600 to 1900 which was the most beautiful Christian epic in history in the creative arts, because it was the Christian era Inspired by the Holy Ghost and not these despicable tools of satan blaspheming God's Holy Ghost's Creation.

This ends this discourse. It is why I pick up every 1941 Lutheran Hymnal, and every other old book of worship I come across, because that is where Faith was, before religion took over and satan began ruining Christianity.